Youtuber shared a scam link – I Lost Everything in Crypto and He Won’t Even Respond

I'm heartbroken and angry. As a longtime @KaliCrypto follower, I trusted him. But because of his recent video, I lost all my savings that I had in crypto. And now, he's acting like nothing happened.

What happened?

His video: In his video ( at 10:25), he shows his tweet (now deleted) with a Discord invite link to a Discord server for “help.” It seemed legit, but it was a trap.

Once I joined using the link. I was asked to verify myself using “ bot”. The bot sent me to a website. The second I connected my MetaMask, my savings vanished. That's months of hard work, gone.

If that was not the worst, to add insult to injury, I tweeted at KaliCrypto, and he DELETED the tweet with the Discord link. He's pretending it never happened, leaving me in the dust.

This isn't just about the money. It's the shattered trust and the feeling of being used.

Please, report KaliCrypto's channels and share this warning. If this happened to you, I'm so sorry. We need to hold people accountable and make the crypto space safer for everyone.

19 thoughts on “Youtuber shared a scam link – I Lost Everything in Crypto and He Won’t Even Respond”

  1. Would you leave your Wallet to a complete stranger, just because you trust him? No you wouldnt.

    You didnt trust him. You trusted yourself – dont do that

  2. It seems like this is probably someone appearing to be KaliCrypto. He doesn’t do the “This is the last tweet in the thread.”

  3. Astounding what specimens are being ‘followed’ on YT and social media in general :))

    Sorry for the loss, but the lesson learnt is clear -> never follow anyone on crypto topics, especially no-name content creators.

    I barely take a min to look at what Coin Bureau is posting, and 90% of the time, it’s pure shill or fud for whatever reason.

  4. You basically gave him your pin code to your bank account, would you do that to just anyone? Use a burner wallet if you’re going to degen

  5. Please contact the support team at and click the blue `Start a conversation` button

    This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a conversation for you with a live agent.

  6. Why would you trust some random who just wants to make money from crypto.

    Its not because you watched 100 of his vids he can be trusted.

  7. Download his YouTube video before he removes it and share the scam link that has been shared by him and deleted on X so other people are aware of it. A lot of influencers are one of the many scammers out there especially when they will not find any success on youtube, crypto etc…

  8. What kind of gel did you excepted from him? Double or x10000 times your money in one second? Your greed is killed your balance!

  9. The second I connected my MetaMask, my savings vanished.

    That can’t happen by merely connecting the wallet to a dApp, as that only allows the dApp to communicate with the wallet software in order to initiate transactions.

    What must’ve happened is that the dApp asked you to sign a TX after that, probably telling you that signing this TX is necessary to “connect” or “verify” your wallet (or some other BS).

    You then signed that transaction without checking or understanding what it actually does.

    Sorry this happened to you.
    If you ever decide to get back into crypto, then here’s some things to keep in mind:

    • Keep your main funds safe via a hardware wallet.
    • Use a (separate) wallet to interact with dApps, so that only the operational funds on there are at risk.
    • Always check what a TX is supposedly going to do before you sign. Some wallet softwares use TX simulation to show you what the outcome of the TX would actually be were you to sign it (e.g. Rabby is a good wallet for this).
    • And lastly: Never trust anyone in the crypto space!

    As soon as you get to a point where you need to sign something, re-evaluate what you’re about to do and check that it’s actually doing what you intended it to do!

    And above all else:

    • NEVER input your seed phrase anywhere after you initialized your wallets. It is NEVER needed outside of that, and anything that asks for it in order to “verify” or “synch” your wallet or whatever other BS… DON’T DO IT!!! Your seed phrase is the master key to everything!
    • BACKUP the seed phrase in a safe offline location. DON’T keep it in a digital format or you’ll increase the likelihood of it getting stolen.
  10. Don’t listen to anyone on YouTube or twitter. Influencers will promote anyone that pays them.

  11. We should all go and leave some comments in YouTube about what happened to OP

  12. Ah yes, the toxic crypto community. Surely the scammer shouldn’t be held accountable. Let’s just all pile on the victim instead.

    You are all part of the problem with crypto period.

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