You rn

I remember seeing this somewhere before and it seems apt.

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  1. When you act like in the picture you are to emotional involved with what the price is doing.

    Ps.golden tip ! Shut off youre emotions when you are in crypto its a very good moneysaver 😉

  2. Right now? Is something happening? Sorry didn’t notice, too focused on stacking.

  3. I don’t even understand what the fuss is, last bull run there were multiple -25% declines, it even went from 64k to 30k back to 68k. Now the halving hasn’t even occurred and people are losing their minds because Bitcoin lost 8k in value, wtf? Why are you even in crypto if you can’t handle the volatility?

  4. This is a very good thing right now that it’s going down, just buy and stock up no matter if you already had bought some earlier at a higher price, just buy some more now at the dip and HODL, it WILL SKY ROCKET around late may-april, and then around Elections even more. Remember you are only at a loss if you sell at a loss, I personally have over 1 Bitcoin and have been stocking it up through the past 2 Bear markets. It’s worth it at the end

  5. Every bull market has massive drawdowns. It’s the nature of the market, and especially Bitcoin which remains highly volatile.

    These are the notable events to look out for the in coming months:

    • The Fed meeting next week. It’s likely they’ll keep rates the same
    • CPI mid-Feb
    • Fed meeting again, in March. Many claim this could be when they pivot (cut rates)
    • The price of Bitcoin going into the halving, mid-April ish
    • What is the price ~6 months after the halving. So far, it has broken the then all time high each time within 6 months

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