YIKES: What Jerome Powell *JUST* Said

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YIKES: What Jerome Powell *JUST* Said

FINAL Coupon BRIEFLY extended to Friday Feb 3 11:59pm | Course Member Lives, Trades, Fundamental Analysis, and More. #fed #federalreserve #jeromepowell Summary of Jerome Powell’s press conference. Contact Information for Kevin & Liability Disclaimer: r This is not a solicitation or financial advice. See the PPM at for more on HouseHack. Videos are not financial advice.

10 thoughts on “YIKES: What Jerome Powell *JUST* Said”

  1. Aww yea print more debt to pay more debt ontop of the debt sounds like a bullish plan 🤔 no matter what the usa needs to print more debt no matter what plan they choose to move forwards

  2. Your so busy pumping, you DIDN'T listen to Jpow very close today!!! Funny you forgot to mention the FED is entertaining the idea of larger rate hikes if reports continue to come in like jobs!!! He also DIDN'T explain jobs AWAY with immigration!!! Lmao

  3. The man is a danger to the USA, one man shouldn't have so much power over your portfolio and 401k!

  4. You also didn't mention the market began to sell off into close! WTF guy… Report what actually happened, NOT what you need/want to happen because you bought in to soon… Stop the BS PUMPING and give it to your viewers straight!!!

  5. its a very narrow view. People all around the world suffer due to FED induced stock bonanza. As long company valuations are inflated like NVDA and not backed by fundamentals at all people worldwide suffer to pay for the rich. Powell has not idea of his responsibility. He is a puppet of the real US president: Ken Griffin.

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