WTF 😳 for the love of God please buy some Sats!!!

This is absolutely insane. The next bubble that bursts may be the worst thing we’ve ever seen in the financial system.

7 thoughts on “WTF 😳 for the love of God please buy some Sats!!!”

  1. For some context : The number of problem banks represented 1.4% of total banks, which Gruenberg said was within the “normal range for non-crisis periods of 1 to 2% of all banks.” So whilst I hold no love for the banks, it’s probably not happening tomorrow

  2. Keeping in mind that in the short / mid run Bitcoin could be also dragged down by a crash of the market / risk on assets.

  3. This is just a clickbait headline. A year ago the unrealized losses stood at over $850 billion, so this number actually represents a substantial improvement. Also, the losses are specifically in treasury bonds, so to fix the problem all the Fed needs to do is lower rates, because when bond rates go lower prices go higher.

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