Would you buy miners if you had 200k extra to diversify?

This is crazy, for you to have 2 petahashes you will need at least 10 miner S21 and the next 6 batch untill June 2024 are already sold out in Bitman. I guess because of the halving and ETF mania, because of that we are doing ATH in hash rate and in yearly price too.

14 thoughts on “Would you buy miners if you had 200k extra to diversify?”

  1. I often wonder if we should all mine, as originally envisionned by Satoshi. It’d be nice to see a world where mining is done by everyone, and people contribute to whatever hashing power they can to keep the network running. If millions of people do this it’d help decentralize the mining power.

  2. SDIG stock is the worst investment I’ve made. Bought 4500 bucks worth of that shit and it does not follow bitcoin haha. Down about 50%

  3. No, I’d just buy Bitcoin directly. The people mining have a lot more than 200k worth of ASICS, chances are i wouldnt get my investment back. And the ASICS I’d buy would be outdated in like 2 years. I’d have to set up power for them, sound proof part of my house/build a separate shed, it’s just not worth it.

  4. It would be worth it if your energy price was incredibly low or free. If it’s not, then just buy bitcoin.

  5. Nope. Been mining for 1.5 years at a breakeven. That doesn’t even pay for the hardware. Just buy bitcoin.

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