Why i cant withdraw jup from my trezor ?

hey guys, i have jup in my solana wallet in trezor t and i have sol to pay the gas. im trying to withdraw 100 dol from my jup. i did all the process , signe the transaction in the device and notihing happens. no transfer happens. can someone explain why ? tks


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  2. Was thinking about sending my Jup to cold wallet too but didn’t even know it was possible..

  3. Hey, how to I send jup to my safe 3? I can’t see it under the list of supported coins. Do I send it to a sol address?

  4. There is a problem with the fees on Solana because the network has been so busy the default fee on Trezor is too low. I didn’t do my research before buying, just seeing that it supported Solana. I have ordered a ledger for now but plan to use my Trezor again when they enable dynamic fees. I have seen people suggest nu fi wallet but I don’t want to connect my cold wallet to anything that isn’t Trezor suite.

    If you keep trying it will eventually work, just need to find the right moment where the low fees that Trezor suite uses will go through

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