Why constant k are changing in my uniswap v3 pool?

Hello people, I must sound very newbie, because I am, I am still learning and trying to figure out how it all works. I wouldl be very glad if someone will correct me where I am wrong.
So, as far as I understood, X*Y=K, where x = amount of token A (eth in my case) and y = amount of token B (usdc in my case) and k = constant that must be kept equal all the time, which will result in the bounding curve and will setup the proportion of the exchange rate along the price curve.

But I tried to test it and I got different K values for the same pool. I just multiplied amount of eth that I have in the pool by the amount of usdc. I did it 2 times with time difference of 5 minutes for the same pool just to test if k will remain the same for different price pointsof eth, and it didn't. But why?

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  2. I think k = L * L, liquidity squared? And where did you get the values from, did you read them by hand from the uniswap GUI?

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