Why are these being listed on eBay for bizarre prices? And should I sell mine?

I dug up one of these (pic isn’t mine it’s from google, mine is the same as the black one) from back in the day and saw they are being listed for ridiculous prices around the 70-100£ mark.

If I recall correctly I got mine for maybe £20 on ebay

Even when I brought it (around 2014/15?) it was only getting a couple pennies a day, and I knew this before I purchased , I just got to introduce myself into how the whole mining thing worked.

I can’t even imagine how little they would mine now. What’s the reason for these prices and is anyone actually buying them anymore?

All I can think of is either
A- someone who hasn’t researched much thinking it’s a big boy miner

B- older people from the community buying for some nostalgic/collectible reason

C- they think it’s a cool looking usb stick

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  2. The only answer is A….and then you have these uneducated new plebs passing on their mistake to the next sucker in the hope of recouping their loss

  3. What’s the capacity on those usb sticks? Bc they actually would be a cool usb stick lol

  4. Looking at that antique sale 25 years down the road. This piece was one of the first bitcoin miners…

  5. > What’s the reason for these prices

    The listing price is set by the seller. They paid a lot more than they’re asking, and they’re clueless about how outdated they are

    > is anyone actually buying them anymore?

    Probably not. Even clueless people thinking they can earn hobby Bitcoin will mostly ask here or somewhere similar first, and learn that they’ll earn zero. Maybe there are people who are foolish enough to buy first, learn later. Maybe the price level is appropriate for selling to those people

  6. They are offered to gullible people at insane markup. They are basically e-waste from an economical perspective or a hobbyists tool tinker with at most…

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