Why are blocks not 4MB in size?

According to https://mempool.space/ blocks are not passing 2MB, shouldn't they be closer to 4MB as the block size limit is 4MB?

3 thoughts on “Why are blocks not 4MB in size?”

  1. Blocks are only allowed to be 4 million “weight units”. Witness signature bytes are 1 weight unit each, but all non-witness data bytes count as 4 weight units.

    If you click in on the blocks in that explorer you linked, you see that all blocks are close to 4 MWU.

  2. There is no block size limit anymore. Only block weight limit.

    Different kind of data has different weight to it.

  3. 2x improvements means nothing. Its still the same scale / order of magnitude. It only delays the problem and not solve it.

    Only solutions that provide order of magnitude improvements are relevant. And that can only be done with L2 solutions.

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