**Where Can I Buy This Coin?


I want to buy a BSC coin called “$DFD” with the token address 0x5e89EDeb37347FB99C1feF6e0d2725423CDf67dE. However, it is not listed on any of the major BSC DEXs that I have checked. Usually, dexscreener or geckoterminal will indicate whether a coin is listed on PancakeSwap or Biswap, but dexscreener is showing that “this DEX is not being tracked.” I also tried dex aggregators like 1Inch, but they were of no help.

I searched the coin's address on social media and telegram but couldn't find any official channels.
Hence if anyone knows how I can find out on which DEX this token is listed, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I mistakenly mentioned the wrong address. Correct one is: 0x0FC905c34D0D8Da9C226F4A2dF7F6Cecb463ca7E

  2. Bsc coins are generally on pancake swap and most of them are scams. Uniswap is for eth based coins

  3. You can swap on https://pancakeswap.finance/

    Start with coingecko, search for DFD, and get the following token page


    Scroll down and find “DefiDollar DAO Markets”

    Choose any. I posted pancakeswap above.

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