What’s the whole trezor tracking analytics FUD?

This dude on twitter looked at Ledger’s and Trezor source code and said that all of our activies are recorded and phoned straight back to trezor etc..




3 thoughts on “What’s the whole trezor tracking analytics FUD?”

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  2. As Pavol pointed out:
    Pavol Rusnak@PavolRusnak

    Trezor Suite analytics is voluntary and opt-in, not opt-out. You have to proactively agree with analytics to enable it. Big difference. Everything is documented here: https://github.com/trezor/trezor-suite/blob/develop/docs/analytics/index.md

  3. The “how to turn this shit off” bit is fairly clearly documented here. If your x-poster is claiming disabling doesn’t disable (prove with wireshark) then that would be of interest.

    If the x-poster is complaining that some feature, off by default, could be turned on, and could possibly track some data, but not crypto data…

    Well then I guess I’m not that worried.

    If you loose sleep over this, just use Bitcoin Core wallet instead. Unless x-poster doesn’t like it either.

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