What’s next?

Could this be true?
Or, “buy the rumour, sell the news”

What’s the plan? Anyone have any reasoning to why they’re doing this?

50 thoughts on “What’s next?”

  1. Guys it’s true, the CFO from Bitcoin just got direct orders from Satoshi Nakamoto to delay the halving for another 2 years due to uncertainty in the middle east. People who are leveraged based on the halving hopes will be disappointed and not want to have their money tied up for another 2 years.

  2. Eh, it probably will drop 5-10% and then carry on rising. So they will claim they are correct.

    Also – the big boys control the price – not retail

  3. Bitcoin success is nothing but loss and failure for JP Morgan. They’re going to nay-say it every chance they can.

  4. Bitcoin CEO went on record saying they won’t reduce prices of Bitcoin so I am confusion???! The inflation is baked in!!

  5. I would not be surprised if they were accurate in the short-term. There’s a lot of hype and speculation around the halving. I am in it for the long-term, so if people want to sell cheap, at least I can get some BTC on a discount.

  6. Put your wallet away and come back in 18 months. Absolutely none of what happens in the next few weeks matters. Halvings are “survival events” for Bitcoin — either the price rises to compensate miners, or Bitcoin fails. This is how things work. Satoshi was the genius here, remember that. You’re in good hands.

  7. This bull run will correct just as it has many times before the unnatural thought that bitcoin will only keep running is a position held by many mentally unwell people in the sub

  8. Who cares? When it dipped last night to the $59k range, people bought it. It is now as i write this over $64k. Which is $10k cheaper to buy than a few weeks ago…
    Buy it while it’s still on sale.

    It’s been proven time and time again that these clowns that make these statements are ALL secretly buying bitcoin !

    They put put a bogus article to create doubt and get the price to lower so JP Morgan individuals can secretly buy bitcoin. They probably have bought tons

  9. Yeah Bitcoin will drop, then rise, then drop, then rise some more… that’s how the free market works Mr. Morgan

  10. I know lots of people here don’t want anyone to sell, but I just want to say to the people who have a lot riding on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies: Everyone was predicting a massive price rise before the halving.

    So lots of people were waiting and didn’t sell because of the halving, so those people are starting to sell now because the price didn’t go anywhere. Don’t listen to the people who want you to keep holding your crypto just so their crypto doesn’t drop in value.

    They don’t know about your background or that you might be in deep financial trouble if it continues to drop. They don’t care about your situation. Just remember that.

  11. I got into bitcoin cuz I used to flip packs on deep web years ago and now has become one my greatest assets😂😂💰💰💰💰

  12. Jerome Powell can’t stop the halving.

    Jamie Dimon can’t stop the halving.

    Peter Schiff can’t stop the halving.

    Vladimir Putin can’t stop the halving.

    No one can fuck with our money.

    Welcome to #Bitcoin 

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