🥞What PancakeSwap Q3 feature are you excited about? 🐰


🌟 v3 Position Manager: A new position manager that will make it easier for users to manage their positions on PancakeSwap.
💰 Revenue Sharing Pool: A new pool that will allow users to earn rewards from PancakeSwap's trading fees.
🔀 Expansion to More Chains: PancakeSwap will be expanding to more chains in Q3, making it easier for users to access the platform from anywhere.
☄️ Dynamic Fee: A new dynamic fee system that will adjust fees based on market conditions.
⚡️ vCAKE Update – Gauge Design: An update to vCAKE that will improve the gauge design and make it easier for users to stake vCAKE.
💫 Simple Staking Integration: A new simple staking integration that will make it easier for users to stake their tokens on PancakeSwap.
👀 Website Revamp: A new website design that will make PancakeSwap more user-friendly and accessible.

📚 Learn more: https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/roadmap

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  2. Below 3-4 usd for cake price is simply a nonsense joke..where Uniswaps mcap around 4-5b, cake just worth 500-600m..under these circumstances only new ethereum and polygon syrup pools and ethereum IFOs can bring some excitement..other than these can have only a little effect on investors perception

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