What is ArchAngelToken and why has it been on the rise in the last couple weeks.

Archangel token has been rising in the last month or so. What’s causing the huge spike? Information shared by the dev team says that they have been working hard behind the scenes, adding more utilities, marketing and talking to other projects. Also, investors are already researching for the right projects to invest before the Bull Run starts.

Archangel token is about 1.5 years old and is a community-owned project.

Info. from the website “In 2021, a community of passionate digital asset enthusiasts created & launched the ArchAngel Token and project. Under this banner, we resolved to create a project that focuses on four core areas: Industry & Technology, Projects & Ecosystems, People & Communities, and using these three combined we will achieve Financial Freedom.
If you share these goals then you have found the right project.

Our primary use case is to build an ecosystem and dynamic user environment that actively pursues objectives and goals within our four cornerstone focus areas.
Please take a few moments to read the project documents that are posted on this site: Whitepaper, Technical Roadmap, Ecosystem Roadmap, and our NFT Collection Guide.
Archa Staking Pool: Archa’s ERC20 token (ARCHA) is the base token within the ecosystem and offers investors with the opportunity to stake their Archa tokens.

Staked tokens earn holders passive rewards with additional Archa tokens, but more importantly they earn native tokens from every project within the Ecosystem within Archa’s Distribution of Value (DoV) model. Each token within the ArchAngel ecosystem provides a portion of their transactional taxes back to the Archangel staking pools where they are distributed to stakers. Earn tokens from each and every project in the Ecosystem (including Archa) by simply staking your Archa.

Archa on Guardian Platform
This is how ecosystems are supposed to work!
Check out ArchAngel’s Project Dashboard on the Guardian Platform. Guardian Token, an ArchAngel Ecosystem partner, is developing the Guardian Platform to become the most comprehensive user-focused data platform within the industry. Keep a close eye on this project as it moves into Phases 2, 3, and 4. “


Website: www.ArchAngelToken.com

5 thoughts on “What is ArchAngelToken and why has it been on the rise in the last couple weeks.”

  1. Fantastic ecosystem with the most positive and involved community I’ve seen in years.

  2. This is a really great summary of our ecosystem! Also, don’t forget to check out our NFT collection! There are currently 7 sub-collections with multiple others on que. Every NFT is 1 of 1, all unique. Different artists and different styles has created a very diverse flavor of artwork. Some in 8 K with crazy detail!! NFTs not sold after 3 months will be replaced with new artwork! So check them out periodically and see what’s new!

    There are many games to play surrounding our NFTs. There’s random prize drawings for the different subcollections. There is the Super Sleuth, which is a scavenger hunt of sorts for information and details revolved around the NFTs. There is also NFT Bingo!!

    Most recently there was an announcement of the Community Gem program where our lead graphic designer will be volunteering to create custom NFTs for holders who own 3 or more NFTs! More info to come on this!!

    & I have to mention the Game Pass! Also, more info to come!

    If you read carefully through our artifacts you can piece together several golden nuhgets of info that shed some light on the direction of this initiative 😉

    Here is the direct link to our Opensea Act

    Here is a link to the NFT section of our website!

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