What does this mean?

This is a transaction on my MetaMask account. What does it mean, and if this is the only transaction on my account, what should be in my account?

8 thoughts on “What does this mean?”

  1. Do you have shib added to your wallet? Sounds too good to be true but maybe someone sent it to the wrong address? Or possibly someone’s trying to drain you. Check the contract address and see if it matches whatever’s on CoinMarketCap or coingecko

  2. Can’t be real. That’s only 100 Million Shib or so. My 20 Million Shib is worth $600 rn. So that amount of Shib at most is under $3000.

  3. I’m not certain about metamask but on coinbase wallet the scam is similar to this they send you an obscene amount of a token and if you dig into it enough you will find out that the token comes from a test net and actually holds no value

  4. If u have a lot of assets in your wallet transfer them to another one. Then try to collect that.

  5. You’ve probably been dusted by someone trying to trick you into selling it. If you didn’t buy it, just hide the token and forget it exists

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