What do you think is preventing the hoards of normal gamers from playing web3 games?

I think it is due to

  1. Their KOls not being paid to shill them
  2. AAA Gaming studios aren't pushing it
  3. Too many wallets and blockchains for them to navigate, too many tokens
  4. Last cycle's games were low quality
  5. No mainstream websites push them (maybe due to lack of payment)
  6. Negative views of NFTs for whatever reason

Got this idea from this https://twitter.com/SuperVerseDAO/status/1761156620388601950?s=20

19 thoughts on “What do you think is preventing the hoards of normal gamers from playing web3 games?”

  1. Shitty games. Why should I bother playing shitty web3 games when there are hundreds of awesome games on ps, xbox, switch etc?

  2. Most games are shit + the prospect of downloading a game for free only to “invest” in NFTs for some petty items whose value will fall to 0 if any fuckup happens from the developers isn’t very appealing.

  3. Some I’m thinking of are:

    1. Shit games that looks like a mobile game instead.
    2. If one manage to dominate the game and gets all reward for themselves, how is going to motivate someone to play a game and earn when they’re average casual player and cannot compete with others?
  4. Firstly, shitty games.

    Secondly, barrier to entry. To the uninitiated who doesnt know a rat’s ass about crypto are going to lose money from fees and all that fun stuff before they even get to play the game. The barrier to entry for alot of web3 games stands above 100usd to even start, so most players wont care about joining in the first place with that steep price barrier.

    Lastly, shitty games.

  5. How about none of them look fun to play

    I want to play games to relax and enjoy myself, not to gamble with money

  6. I don’t think gamers and or most app users care if something is web3 or not. Can one use it on their phone, their xbox, switch etc like non web3 games? Most people don’t want a hassle and will want to pay with fiat as well, particularly if using crypto for a purchase is a taxable event. Listen, blockchain should be something behind the scenes end users are potentially oblivious to. Do you honestly currently know anything about existing web infrastructure? Spoiler it’s advanced as hell and composed of a very large range of advanced infrastructure and software layers already.

  7. The backing of big gaming giants is why. I said this before in another sub. Without steam, epic, EA or battle net support, web3 will go absolutely nowhere. Most gamers are gaming on those platforms. Another reason imo is that there hasn’t been a web3 game that sparked the gaming community yet and the marketing sucks.

  8. Because even the best “Crypto Game” would never had been heard of due to how shit it is , if it was a normal game. Maybe something tradeable like a pokemon tcg would work , but other than that I see no real reason to employ any web 3 aspects in games

    • Games gatekeeping with NFTs, airdrops, or tokens.
    • Friction using hot-wallets and paying transactions fees once in a while.
    • Shit games
    • Bad platform.
    1. THEY SUCK ASS… Every SINGLE time
    2. Micro-transactions on everything ARE NOT the future
    3. Grypto is NOT the future
    4. Nft’s are NOT the future
  9. Imo. Because so far they have generally sucked, there’s only been a few good ones and the sunflower matic incident really hurt things. I still love matic but that oversight set web3 gaming back years. Also web3 gaming is poorly understood because it is thought of as a gimmick and there is no reason for major studios to embrace it when it would just reduce the power they have to edit their games. I like the idea of web3 gaming but it will be separate from traditional gaming on consoles imo. I think web3 will be big in the future with the metaverse for sure, but without full dive vr that does t rely on body movement, the older gamers aren’t going to be able to keep up with the younger generations and will stick to consoles and computers.

  10. No one cares if it is “web3” or not (whatever the fuck that even means).

    If it is fun to play it is fun to play. If not, then it’s not.

    Basically your #4. All if the rest is irrelevant.

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