What are the actual swapping fees on Uniswap?

Can somebody please explain how the swapping and fees work on UniSwap? Because so far I feel ripped off.

As in the screenshot below, you can see that I sold the token called $CHAMPZ.Slippage was set to 6%, and as I can understand, it can impact the swap's price by 6% per cent in both ways.

6% of $236 (0.125ETH) would be $14, which is an acceptable risk for me. In the swap confirmation window, I saw that I will pay $6 fees which is again – was acceptable to me. So in total, I should have received $216 (around 0.1175ETH).


And as you can see I received only $191.62 (~0.1ETH).


How come?

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  1. You must not have the correct collection of pokemon cards in your eth wallet. Sorry bout your luck

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