What actually is Michael Saylor’s bitcoin strategy?….

….being more specific than just saying he's accumulating as much bitcoin as he can. I Googled it but can only find pieces of it.

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  1. Buy and hold, because nothing will have a greater value than bitcoin.
    He believes it i do too maybe we are both fools,
    I dont think we are.

  2. It’s funny because I’m rushing to put money into this system and I don’t expect to even cash out. it’s just exciting to know I’m contributing to a new and amazing prospect that could make the entire World a better place.

  3. To hold it until something more valuable comes along. Right now bitcoin is the apex asset.

  4. he stepped down from ceo last year, but at the time he was the longest sitting ceo of a single corporation in wall st history. he’s shared stories of seeing ceos destroy companies by trying to beat inflation and stay profitable by buying companies, merging with companies, buying back stocks etc.

    when covid happened and the money printer went brrrrr he realized that no matter what he did, microstrategy was in a dire situation in that no matter how many hours he asked his employees to work or how many employees he hired, they could not keep making more profits to beat inflation since the money they earn and saved was being devalued. so he did a drastic move and went all in on bitcoin which cannot be manipulated or devalued.

    in today’s economic environment no one can beat inflation with their income alone, they need to take risks like invest in the stock market, buy real estate, have a side gig etc. corporations are in the same boat, they need to merge with other companies, buy other companies or buyback stocks etc. but as i explained those generally destroy corporations in the long run.

    so saylor’s strategy using his own metaphor is to stop fighting the wind of inflation by paddling harder and instead put up a sail (bitcoin) and harness the wind. bitcoin is volatile but as he says “volatility is vitality” meaning fiat is stable but is guaranteed to go to zero due to infinite printing whereas bitcoin is volatile but is guaranteed to go up in value due to it’s strictly limited supply.

  5. hold them forever laura. his strategy is to help raise the price of btc so everyone benefits

  6. Some people think it’s some big idea, but I feel it’s more of a micro strategy.

  7. One thing no commenter has mentioned yet is that microstrategy is issuing shares of stock that people purchase in fiat and then MSTR is using that fiat to purchase Bitcoin. It’s basically the same concept if you taking out a personal loan to buy bitcoin and then paying off the loan when the bitcoin appreciates.

  8. get as much as he can before the rest of the world catches up.


    its not a matter of if but when. ALL Fiat money will go to zero compare to Bitcoin.


    There is no second best

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