Weird ‘reward’ in my wallet

Hi, so I recently got a trezor. I deposited my crypto's, everything went well. Backed everything up.

So today I wanted to deposit some crypto's I bought, until I notice this 2 weird 'visit .. to claim reward.' It looks very much like a scam to me. Not sure what to do now. Anyone that can help me out?

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  2. Not reward. It’s a scam don’t follow those links and don’t send them anywhere or interact with them,, otherwise the contracts they use might (most definitely will) drain your wallet out of all your real assets on the Ethereum network.

  3. That’s not weird. Those are completely normal scams. Few weeks and you’ll get used to them. My hobby now is counting how many usdt I’ve received through “vouchers”. Currently I’m at $65000

  4. Do not click – trojan contract, will drain your wallet. This is THE biggest problem in crypto today. You can’t get rid of them either. they sit there forever. but whatever you do, do NOT interact with them in any way.

  5. Don’t click. Ignore it. I have two and Hopefully there is an option later on an update that you can hide. As long as you don’t give your seed phrase and keep it safe. You will be alright

  6. I wonder how these scams are able to penetrate trezor’s but they can’t penetrate CEX wallets

  7. It will ask you to connect your wallet – DO NOT DO THIS – IT PROBABLY IS A SCAM

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