Web3 Gaming and Its Growing Ideals; $WSG

A Lot of gaming models are currently trumping up, gaming projects like Wall Street Games seek to be the next generation gaming platform with a unique and immersive way of earning rewards via its P2E model.

Flowing from the above, Wall Street Games contracted to form the token ticker $WSG is a hybrid blockchain based mobile game on the Arbitrum network with the inherent capacity to earn by playing games, collecting NFTs and winning rewards.

As a people centric gaming project, the games are relatively easy to play and anyone could get a hang of it by just playing it for a short while.

The project recently migrated to Arbitrum, this is a significant evolution for the project and a strategic move indeed, consciously made in a bid to bring forth enhanced features and a dynamic new token ecosystem.

Apart from playing games prima facie, users are allowed to bet as well, the betting threshold starts from about $5 and $100 . In a similar fashion, players can refer other players as well.

While looking up more about $WSG, I discovered it has forged a worthwhile partnership with a sibling gaming project called $CREO engine. With how much these 2 projects are fixated on pushing gaming to the future, I'm pretty sure it will be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, both $CREO and $WSG are trading on Bitget, with the latter you can deposit about $50 worth of WSG to earn a 10% rebate. Each eligible user can earn about 700 WSG while supplies last. This is a sweet way to earn from.


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