Weaver Labs update – what are they up to?

With DePIN and RWA projects getting on everyone's radar lately, here are updates from Weaver Labs, on what was done in the previous period, as 2023 is coming to an end…

InnovateUK Grant Closure – The London trial outcomes garnered positive feedback from government agencies, showcasing the potential impact of cutting-edge solutions in this space. More details can be found on this link. Funding from UK government could really bring more interest in this project.

Cell-Mesh v4 and On-Site Testing – their testing is in final phase with around 20 devices slated for production. These devices are set for on-site testing by Datarella, specifically for the Track and Trust application. Use cases for ADE, their native token, can be found here.

WireMQ Integration for 6G Blueprint – A significant integration is underway with WireMQ into the 6G blueprint architecture, with plans to showcase the first implementation at MWC. This integration marks a key step forward in the evolution of technology, promising advancements in communication systems. I am very curious to see what 6G can offer to us.

Post-London Trial Focus – Building on lessons learned from the London trial, the focus is now on refining Cell-Stack agents. The upcoming deployment in Liverpool early next year is already in plans.

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  2. I’m focusing on 6G projects mainly. Great opportunity ahead! Any news about ADE’s listing?

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