Weaver Labs keeps making noise in DePIN sector – updates released

I have been keeping an eye on Weaver Labs and ADE token even before the hype around DePIN was introduced. Project's goal of democratizing internet access through shared infrastructure seems like a a great idea, especially for urban areas.

Here is what they have been doing in the past weeks….

– Liverpool project – discussions with the partners and next steps to bring the 5G Open Network to the first venue. This deployment uses Weaver's Cell-Stack to automate most of the network operations and allows the infrastructure to support a wide range of use cases.

– With REASON's demo out of the way the team is progressing on the development of the autonomous nodes to join and leave the network.

– Cell-Mesh latest version is under production. Team is getting ready for a trial with Humanitarian agency Aid Pioneers using Cell-Mesh and their decentralized network to track goods across the globe.

– When it comes to community rewards, launched first Zealy campaign, where users are collecting points while ADE token is getting ready for launch.

I'll continue to support Weaver down the road and can't wait for ADE to go live. Let me know which DePIN project you are following, ready for more research, 😉

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  2. Looking forward to the ADE exchange listing. I am following the project closely!

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