Was I scammed?

Hey Reddit community,

I need your help to figure out if I've been scammed or if there's something I can do to rectify this situation.

Here's what happened: I recently booked some Matic tokens to my Metamask wallet. However, within 5 seconds of the transaction, the tokens ended up in another wallet that isn't mine.

Now, I'm left wondering if I've fallen victim to a scam or if there's a legitimate explanation for this bizarre transfer. Is there anything I can do to recover the Matic tokens that were sent to the wrong wallet?

I'd greatly appreciate any insights, advice, or similar experiences you all might have. Thanks in advance for your help!




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5 thoughts on “Was I scammed?”

  1. Legitimate explanation is your wallet is compromised and there is nothing like Recovery of a sent transaction.

    That wallet doesn’t belong to you alone, your seed/private key has been compromised.
    Dont use it again.
    I would advise you to avoid crypto completely till you fully understand and learn how it works and how to safely keep custody.

    If you have any other money in there ,you better create a completely new wallet with a different seed and transfer your funds there and also stop clicking phishing links, claiming airdrops or interacting with tokens that magically drop in your wallet. You clearly did something you shouldn’t have.

  2. If you haven’t triggered and approved the transaction yourself, someone has control of your wallet. Either your seed phrase or computer is compromised. There is no way to recover your funds.

  3. Did you click “Approve” or “Sign” on something? You can go to revoke.cash and see which access you gave, you can also revoke access from there.

  4. your seed phrase leaked in anyway. if you store online or download malicious app or recover wallet before that day. this is not approval case

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