Want a free $10 to trade on Polymarket? DM @Polymarket on Twitter

Polymarket lets you bet on the things you actually understand, from crypto, to politics, to breaking news.

We have markets on just about everything.

Today only we're offering r/CryptoCurrency community members a free $10 trade. No strings attached. All you have to do is DM us on Twitter with your Polymarket username.

Happy trading!

50 thoughts on “Want a free $10 to trade on Polymarket? DM @Polymarket on Twitter”

  1. Polymarket has burned 5,000 moons of host this sponsored giveaway.

    Transaction: https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x2c94ab8c3e6faea76016ce94825eedc2eadebf6f74884d3b40ab25efdb3af117

  2. Oh wow first time I find about Polymarket, we can even bet on president elections. This is great!

  3. My username is Wendenator, same as here.


  4. I’d rather use Fore Protocol for my prediction markets. Users can create a market on anything they want to and receive a portion of the fees for doing so, not just play house made markets. also users have the opportunity to validate outcomes and share in more of platform fees for doing this

  5. jwinterm 0x41a4922487216655A1B1d10F70EE6B0bf7e75219

    Thanks for doing this giveaway to let people test the site 🧡

  6. Spin


    Thanks, this looks interesting.

  7. JarGar


    Thank you, excited to try you’re platform

  8. Thanks to everyone who’s participating! We’ve sent out over 200 claim codes on Twitter and will be sending more throughout the weekend.

    *Please DM us on Twitter for your trade* — there are too many comments for us to generate codes privately and DM them all via Reddit <3

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