Wallets suddenly empty

I tried to connect to two hidden wallets, and both show as empty. I checked the passphrase like 3-4 times, and tried again and again. Trezor always tells me the wallets are empty and asks to me reenter the passphrase to get to the empty wallet.


I get this message when logging in (after re-typing the passphrases):


What's wrong exactly? I know the wallets are NOT empty.

EDIT : I was able to recover my wallets by resetting Trezor AND shutting down my VPN. But why is there a problem with my VPN… There never was. I'd like to use Trezor with my VPN. What should I do?

EDIT2: Wasn't able to check my transaction on https://btc4.trezor.io/tx/ as well… It says: “Sorry, you have been blocked”. Is it possible than Trezor banned people from using VPN?

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  2. Maybe nothing to do with VPN. Yesterday I had the same “backend” issue. Maybe some issue with trezors nodes

  3. Turn on Onion for all in Suite and you likely never have trouble again.

    > But why is there a problem with my VPN…

    If you do a curl on btc4 you’ll see it’s being cached by cloudflare. Cloudflare can also ban any IP they want. Your VPN is likely being used to DDoS some other cloudflare customers so they are now banned from all cloudflare (or most) clients.

    PS, I don’t think your empty wallet problem is related. Since you reset your device you likely corrected the error at that point.

  4. If your VPN is using Amazon infrastructure, Trezor has difficultly serving those IPs.

    As already mentioned, Tor is a handy way around this.

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