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So the more I use PCS the more complicated it gets and the less I understand. Been here for 2.5 years and it still has the fascinating effect that it becomes less understandable over time. Why not just make a product that is super easy to understand instead of changing systems every month?

I have migrated my cake now to this so called VeCake and have no idea what to do next. It's still locked until June next year and my available VeCake is woth $6 apparently and not 160. What am I acctually supposed to do here and what does everything mean? Been reading about this for too long now to put more time into it and I'm just tired of the whole extremely complicated systems on this platform.

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  2. You get veCAKE as a proportion of what you stake and for how long

    veCAKE not be sold, transferred or locked again.

    veCAKE is a new metric that will allow you to participate is different products
    of the protocol

    Revenue sharing. Governance voting IFOs And more

    For the calculations: If a user has X CAKE locked and the current remaining lock time is R weeks, then the user will have X * (R / 209) ~= 0.95 veCAKE/shares at the next distribution.

  3. Seriously, fuck this overcomplicated always changing staking schemes. It’s just a way to fuck the regular user.

    I just want to wait for a nice time to sell everything but I have staked for so long just before all theses changes.

  4. I feel the price of CAKE will decline because people will just want to get out of this mess

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