Utopa Bots/Ecosystem: Redefining Trading on One Unified Platform! 200k Mcap and 9 month old

Utopia Bots /Ecosystem supports 7 EVM chains:

BSC, ETH, BLAST, BASE, Arbitrum, Polygon and Avax

180k mcap

9 Month old

The liquidity is locked for 6 months left but will be extended before it is unlocked

Regular Team updates with VC´s

100mio total supply

32% burned

Circulate supply 68%

No Team Wallets

The Utopia Bot Deployer wallet holds the community token which got transfered to the platform for using tools, staking etc.

Perfect token distribution

200k mcap

No paid marketing right now



Lets talk abut some key features:

A full trading platform with a UNIQUE gasless ecosystem on Eth.

VUB allows all of the below to operate/work without the need to pay ETH gas fees when connecting to play/claim/pay fees + more

Trading Tools, Games/P2E, Lottery, Passive Income (Revenue Share), Staking Rewards/Prizes

1 UB Token is the equivalent value of 1 VUB Token

1 VUB Token is the equivalent value of 1 UB Token

Tools Overview most of them are live, others are on the way to go live in future:

Everything is free to use at the moment.

-Sniper & Trading bot

-AI Detection System for launches

-Buy, sell, stop loss, limit Orders via mcap, price or percent on 7 chains

-Web Trading Tools – Basic Functions (Swap/Transfer/Monitor)

-Buy the dip, copy trading

-Anti-Rug Dex System – Multiple tools/assistance methods

-Create/Import Trading Wallets

-Scanner, Simulator, Alert bots

-integrated Bridge through the partner Change now

-Portfolio Management

-PnL/Top Wallets/Follow mode/Trading Reports

-Token Creator – Create new tokens and deploy on Multi-Chains

-Utopia Dex – Create Liquidity Pools and list on the Utopia Dex

-Rev share from volume & share from fees of tools


-VUB to avoid ETH fees in the Utopia Bot ecosystem

-Dao System

-Rent private nodes

-Utopia Socials Platform/Work Experience/Adverts/Skillsets

-Marketing space

-Community chat platform

-Community Games with amazing prices pools + mystery Boxes

-Referral links

-Presale/Private Pad – Launch/Support on Utopia Dex

-Marketplace – NFT's + More (Multi-Chains)

Advantage: Anti MEV integrated, no chance for frontrunners + Auto slippage on every trade on their platform. In addition, every trade is significantly faster than on Uniswap and you have everything on one page, without opening several different tabs.

Copy paste contract and you immediately see all information. Chart opens directly and you can buy directly.

Currently, all tools are free to use and later a fee will be paid through their virtual coin. This saves you the ETH fees, which is a UNIQUE system and makes the use of the tools almost free.

There are 6 different ways to receive revenue shares.

This is really just a brief overview. If anyone is interested, they are welcome to join the group or take a look at their Twitter account.




You can find more Informations on Coingecko:

Utopia Bot

Here are 2 screenshots of the platform on Desktop. Mobile is also available. You can access it by creating an account on the homepage. Only an email and a password are necessary.

For questions, join the group; someone is always there to assist you. There are also many recorded voice chats where everything is explained.

Streamline all tasks onto a single platform effortlessly.

The chart has hit bottom, and new updates are expected this week.

Everything across Tg and Desktop will be in unison with one single account, so anything you do on Tg can be done on Desktop without further need for seed transfers or anything like that. An entire suite of tools both Tg and Desktop capable all working in unison is next level.

Team is serious and has proven that they work consistently and deliver.




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