US Crypto Traders out of luck?

Is it me, or does it seem impossible to find a crypto broker that accepts US clients AND allows leveraged/margin trading.

I have Coinbase, so I can trade crypto, but I can only put on a long position. I can't short it. I've looked at enabling margin with Coinbase, but despite a few outdated posts that say I can have margin, the truth is that Coinbase no longer offers it to US clients.

So, what about Kraken? Sure, you can trade with them as a US client. Margin? Nope.

Okay, what about Binance.US? Sure, you can trade with them. Margin? Nope.

MEXC? Nope.

OKX? Nope.

PrimeXBT? Nope.

Bybit? Nope.

Kucoin? Nope.

Most of the information you can find out there on which crypto brokers allow leveraged trading to US clients is all outdated and wrong.

As a US trader, it's really starting to look like the US doesn't want its citizens trading crypto. Almost like it's designed that way as a deterrent for crypto itself. Who wants to trade when you can only go long or go flat?

I understand the appeal of regulation that protects it's citizens from shady brokers/dealers, but I don't really like my own government telling me what I can or can't risk. It's my money to lose. I don't need you to hold my wallet, Big Brother.

The one good thing I can think of that the CFTC has over the ESMA is that they do allow 50x leverage in Forex, whereas in Europe they only allow 30x. However, pretty sure as a European you can go offshore and get much higher leverage if you want to take that risk, whereas in the US the CFTC is so extreme that most offshore brokers won't take US clients even though they aren't regulated by the CFTC.

Ugh!! Sorry for the long rant, but sometimes I feel the US just hates retail traders.

So, are there any US Crypto traders out there that have found a solid, legal way to trade crypto on margin? I'm not interested any using any backdoor ways or loopholes to use a broker that doesn't want to accept US clients. I'm fine if they accept US crypto margin traders, even if they aren't regulated by the US, but I don't want a broker that explicitly does not want US traders. There may be ways to get around that, but the moment you start making real money with them and try to make a large withdraw, they are liable to do a little digging, find out you are a US client and refuse to honor your account/balance and shut you down, keeping your money.

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  1. probably SOL since america’s bank slave grandma warren hates crypto and her gimp slave gary is making it his personal mission to regress the US as much as possible with respect to crypto. I’m surprised anyone would still use Binance since the SEC intentionally went after it.

  2. I’m on BingX as a US resident and I can trade with leverage up to 125x on BTC & 100x on ETH maybe try it out

  3. Sorry to hear that bro, hope you find a good broker to trade leverage in the US, I’m in EU and I can go up to 125x on every exchange there is. I don’t understand the laws there, but here is a wild west about pretty much anything.

  4. Good old government of the land of the theatrically free, fucking things up for us yet again. Vote them all out, both parties.

  5. It’s not just you. US traders are handicapped by their own government and their dumb draconian crypto laws. Way to go, AMERICA 😜

  6. Try coinmetro, ive been in the same boat trying to find one that allows margin trading in the US. Coinmetro is the last one that I am looking into. Currently with kraken right now but unless you have 10mil in investable assets they wont let you margin trade. I cant find anything on coinmetro that says you cant margin trade in US. If Im wrong let me know

  7. I’m having the same issue in Canada. Used to trade margin on binance. They left. I switched to Kraken as they had margin trading. They just shut that down as well to satisfy govt regulations. Do I need to be trading on the stock market to actually go short on crypto ETF’s or?

  8. It’s a challenge indeed. Many US traders are facing limitations on leveraged trading with various platforms. However BTSE Exchange could be your solution. They offer leveraged trading options and cater to US clients providing a robust platform for your trading needs…

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