Unraveling Uniswap’s New Fee Impact: Insights and Analysis from October’s Shift in DeFi Dynamics

I've just shared an insightful Twitter thread about Uniswap's recent implementation of a 0.15% front-end fee on DEX swaps. The thread covers everything from the $1.5M in fees collected since October to the intriguing behavior of larger swaps.

For a comprehensive analysis and to understand the broader implications on the DeFi ecosystem, take a look at the thread. Also, for an in-depth dive, I've included a link to a detailed dashboard in the final tweet.

Check out the Twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/jackthepine/status/1740133360624623671

And don't forget to explore the detailed dashboard analysis here: https://flipsidecrypto.xyz/jackguy/uniswap-0-15-frontend-fees-uniswap-0.15-frontend-fees-pjPWjV

Happy reading and analyzing!


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