Unravel an impossible Bitcoin heist [Free sci-fi novella]


Set in a tug-of-war between IRL and VR as the main reality of humanity, Streetcab Seshjack follows Aedan Namakoto, a man living two lives. Online, he is the respected founder of a VR network promising virtual worlds free from invasive ads and surreptitious surveillance. Offline, he’s a guilt-ridden single father in poor health, working obsessively to escape the past.

But one day his two lives collide.

When a mysterious hacker pulls off an impossible crypto heist, Aedan is left broke and his network on the brink of bankruptcy. Desperate to take back what’s his, he seeks help from his estranged brother, the powerful CEO of a rivaling VR network. But an enemy is a dangerous ally. And when Aedan does the unthinkable — borrowing a body against the owner’s will — he is betrayed in the worst possible way.

What readers say

“From the very first page you are propelled into a whirlwind of suspense and excitement . . . making the book impossible to put down. I was hooked!”

“An engrossing plot and brilliant characters . . . Streetcab Seshjack is not only a masterful example of the cyberpunk genre, it’s a masterful example of novellas.”

Content guidance

This story contains mild sexual content and references to suicide.

From the author

Hi! I’m Olle, a sci-fi writer struggling to find readers for my new technothriller. I’m especially interested in hearing what my fellow Bitcoiners think about my take on concepts such as VR crypto crime, hardware wallets as the basis of identity, VR Lightning payments, zero-knowledge proofs and Bitcoin as the unit of account. The book is now free for a limited time so please grab a copy and set me straight!

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