Unable to withdraw ETH from a a LP on Uniswap V3.

Unable to withdraw ETH from a a LP on Uniswap V3.

A couple of years ago I provided some Liquidity to Uniswap v3 in the form of AMPL/WETH. (AMPL is Ampleforth which is a special kind of crypto known as a “rebase” token. ). Sometime later in the same year, I tried to withdraw my AMPL and WETH from the liquidity pool. It wouldn't let me withdraw it (see below for what was happening). Eventually I could withdraw part of my position by reducing the 100% a much lower percentage. The rest was left behind. I tried everything but couldn't get any more back.

Some years have passed and the AMPL/WETH pair is now 100% WETH. It's a lot of money, over 3.5 ETH (close to $10k).

I thought that now the pair no longer has any AMPL I should be able to withdraw the 100% ETH. But no!

Here is what happens when I try to withdraw to My Metamask wallet:

I go to app uniswap . org/pools. There I can see my Pool


Clicking on the ETH/AMPL it brings up the NFT picture of my LP along with the options of “Increase Liquidity”or “Reduce Liquidity”.

I choose “Remove Liquidity” and select a percentage to remove, (anything from 0% to 100%), and click “Remove”. A new window pops up called “Remove liquidity” showing my balance of 3.58 pooled ETH and zero AMPL.


When I click on the above “Remove ” button, a new window flashes up for about a quarter of a second saying “Waiting for confirmation,,Removing 3.57ETH and 0 AMPL… Confirm this transaction in your wallet”. (see picture below).


Normally with other pools I get a message in my wallet where I need to approve the withdrawal and pay fees in ETH. Nothing happens or appears in my Metamask wallet saying I have to approve a transaction.

In this case it simply doesn't happen. I just go round in circles – back to the rmove button that I just clicked

Here is what I have tried so far, without any sign of success:

*changed the percentage to withdraw to various percentages from 1% to 100%

*flipped between “Collect as ETH” and “Collect as WETH”

*set slippage all the way up to 70% (instead of the usual 0.5%)

*Set the transaction deadline to 300 minutes (instead of the usual 5 minutes

*stopped and re-started the computer, browser, and metamask, cleared out cookies, updated the software of my Mac and Metamask.

*transferred the LP token to a new Metamask wallet and repeated all of the above.

I have a large enough balance of ETH in my wallets, so it will be easy to pay the gas fees.

I can see the LP token in my Metamask wallet and there is nothing special or unusual about it.

From googling around, I see that I am not alone in being unable to withdraw APLP/WETH from Uniswap v3.

If anyone can publish a working solution here, I will gladly reward them wih 0.1 ETH (about $350).

Scammers, please don't waste your time asking me to contact you via Telegram or Discord. If you can't write the solution here, you are a crook.

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  2. https://support.uniswap.org/hc/en-us/articles/20900676762893-How-to-remove-liquidity-from-Uniswap-v3

    Do you have enough eth in your account for the network cost ?


    Use WETH for the output instead of ETH.

    Others on there about transfering to a different wallet

  3. Sounds like you’ve been reasonably thorough with what you’ve tried so far.  There’s little activity in that pool but I can see that other people have successfully withdrawn liquidity in the past.

    If you want to troubleshoot what the actual problem is you’re going to need the logs from MetaMask – you can get this by following the instructions in the following link – https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015290092-How-to-download-state-logs. 

    To make it cleaner and easier, I’d delete the logs first, then attempt a withdrawal (knowing it will fail) and then look at the logs.  There should be some reason or error listed in there which would explain why the transaction confirmation window isn’t popping up.  Then we’d need to troubleshoot what’s causing that error.

    However, it might be easier just to circumvent this altogether and use the UniSwap mobile wallet to attempt the withdrawal. 

    Download the app, create a new wallet, fund it with a small amount of ETH, and transfer your position NFT there. 

    If that doesn’t work, a third possibility is to call the withdrawal directly from Etherscan’s contract writer, but that’s going to take some more time to correctly work out what all the values should be.

  4. AMPL is a Rebasing token. These tokens do not work with v3. The AMPL gets taken from the pool by bots due to the rebase changes that break the v3 math. This liquidity has to be removed manually or with a tool. I do have a tool in our official Discord https://discord.gg/D2zmtd3cUZ Once you have joined My user name Crypto_Rachel ping me with “<@471357824299958273>” I only talk on the public server. Do not trust private messages
    I’m always busy so please have patience.

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