Ubisoft announced they’re releasing their first web3 game, and if done right it might be one of the best things to happen for blockchain gaming and its future.

So Ubisoft, one of the biggest game publishers has announced 2 days ago they're soon bringing their first web3 game. It will be called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, and it will launch on the Oasys blockchain. Considering blockchain gaming so far has been quite disappointing and didn't live up to expectation, with only handful of games like Gods Unchained having decent reviews and kind-of an active userbase, this could do wonders for future of web3 gaming.

They haven't revealed too much about it, they just posted a short teaser video that you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKPixIolnYw and described it will be a PvP tactical RPG (role playing game). But if this game could be any good, and gets a decent amount of hype and active playerbase (unlike crap like Decentraland), it could be a huge stepping stone for future of blockchain gaming as something more mainstream.

50 thoughts on “Ubisoft announced they’re releasing their first web3 game, and if done right it might be one of the best things to happen for blockchain gaming and its future.”

  1. They’re just figuring out how to add the micro transactions and it’ll be ready.

  2. Already looking at that trailer, it seems like they flew over all their previous competitors in WEB3 with their quality.

    Honestly excited

  3. Knowing Ubisoft, they will do their absolute best to make this game a money cow for sure.
    Could backfire massively

  4. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Web3 game?

    Is it a game that involves earning crypto or using the Blockchain to tokenise some aspects of the game? NFTs as cosmetics?

  5. I sure hope this becomes big but man Im not really expecting any good quality games from top publishers. All I can imagine is some creative ways to extort money from the playerbase

  6. tbh i have never heard of Oasys blockchain before.

    0.38s into the video, it looks like a chess piece feels like it could be a turn-based & grid-based pvp game?

  7. Im hopeful for this one. Ubisoft is big and if they do this right it can bring the gaming industry into a new era

  8. 1 good web 3 game is all i ask for, 1 fucking good one. The rest of available are either utter shit or just pure cashgrabs.

  9. I am already tired of all the “tru gamers'” moaning and it hasn’t even started.

  10. Well considering Ubisoft partnered with tezos for blockchain gaming safe to assume tezos will be the chain they release on, best buy your bags bois

  11. Not been a fan of these Web3 games but it’s Ubisoft. Hopefully they do a proper game & don’t just want to “test the market”!

  12. Considering what was done in the web3 space regarding games and ubisofts track record, I would not get my hopes up

  13. We’re trusting ubisoft to lead the charge in Web3 gaming? Lol, that ain’t gonna happen.

  14. We use all these emotive terms but the truth is the market has spoken – we are not all that interested in blockchain gaming apparently, its not taking off and things that do take off do not take this long.

  15. Does anyone have any information on what crypto they’ll use? Maybe someone could find the coins the insider’s have talked about to find the most likely coins.

  16. It’s probably shit…..
    If they go for quality first and blockchain second it could be something.

  17. We can say what we want about Ubisoft but they are taking the largest technical risks. First, they tried NFTs in Breakpoint, now they are trying this. I haven’t heard of any other big developers trying to adopt the technology. At least they are trying to incorporate new tech even if they fail

  18. Ubisoft will be sure to backtrack on it if it actually makes the user experience better.

  19. Game Companies executives are just dumb. It’s simple get your standard free to play like Fortnite or Apex legends, fuse ( no pun intended) the cash-shop and Blockchain ( basically mint each purchase on chain). Do not re-add items once they leave thr cash- shop. Take a percentage cut of resale value.
    Early adopters profit, Game Companies profit.

    It’s really not rocket science. Yet they are all trying to reinvent the wheel with making brand new I.P’s popular with little to no investment.

  20. The only good use case for web3 gaming is trading card style games. Any game that could have just been a game, probably should just be a game.

  21. this is Ubisoft we are talking about, they don’t have a very good record on them, expect the game to be a hard cash grab

  22. “Blockchain gaming”. Stop, just stop. Just because you support crypto doesn’t mean it has to infect other things. Crypto and gaming combined is disgusting.

  23. the main problem is the game is made by game studio not by a crypto company.Not so sure but this will be the best blockchain game ever only because of faith in Ubisoft.

  24. Ubisoft will never be the best at anything outside of laziness, being talentless, lacking commitment/dedication, and being shortsighted. Any type of financial/time/energy investment in Ubisoft will result in loss. There are real players out there that will push blockchain innovation. Ubisoft will not be one of them.

  25. Been playing god’s unchained for over 3 years and absolutely love it. If they follow through on their roadmap and Immutable does as well, I could see it dominating the Blockchain TCG genre and potentially the Online TVG Genre as a whole.

    Also recently partnered with Epic Games and is now on the Epic Games store!

    Gamestop partnership and coinbase as well. Have very high hopes for the future of God’s Unchained.

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