Tutorial: Bridging MOON to Arbitrum One via Celer (Celer Bridge is now live!)

We are very thankful to Celer for supporting MOON in this move to bridge to Arbitrum one. Here is a brief summary of Celer and how they are working to build critical infrastructure to support communities like our own:


Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions and more across multiple chains. Developers can build inter-chain-native dApps using the Celer Inter-chain Messaging SDK to gain access to efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX, all from a single chain.

Step 1 – Recover your Vault & Acquire ETH


You will need ETH on Arbitrum one and Arbitrum nova in order to initiate the bridge in either direction and to use MOON after completing the bridge. You can fund your wallet with ETH on both networks via kraken, crypto.com, gate.io, orbiter, or arbitrum’s official bridge. Kraken put together a great guide for users detailing how to recover your vault, connect to Arbitrum nova and fund your wallet with ETH.

Step 2 – Bridge via Celer


Go to Celer and connect your wallet via metamask. Make sure you have Arbitrum nova selected as the source chain and Arbitrum one as the destination chain, and MOON as the selected token. Then input the number of MOON you wish to bridge, click the blue bridge button at the bottom, and confirm the prompted transaction in your metamask.

Step 3 – Add MOON to Metamask on Arbitrum One


At the bottom of the home page on your metamask wallet you should see “Don’t see your token? Import tokens” with import tokens as a hyperlink. Click that hyperlink, and under contract address paste the following: 0x24404DC041d74cd03cFE28855F555559390C931b Then click import and your MOON balance will propagate.

MOON network info on both chains:


Arbitrum Nova RPC: https://nova.arbitrum.io/rpc

CHAIN ID: 42170


BLOCK EXPLORER: https://nova.arbiscan.io

MOONS Contract Address on Nova: 0x0057Ac2d777797d31CD3f8f13bF5e927571D6Ad0


Arbitrum One RPC: https://arb1.arbitrum.io/rpc 

CHAIN ID: 42161


BLOCK EXPLORER: https://arbiscan.io/ 

MOONS Contract Address on One: 0x24404DC041d74cd03cFE28855F555559390C931b

For those wanting to know how to provide Celer Bridge Liquidity and the incentives, click here for the guide!

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50 thoughts on “Tutorial: Bridging MOON to Arbitrum One via Celer (Celer Bridge is now live!)”

  1. Does anyone know of a way I can sell or swap moons without going through a CEX with KYC?

  2. I have transferred my moons to arbitrum one but
    They don’t show the price I can not get a price for it why ?

  3. When I got to Sushi Swap and go to the Arbitrum One network, I can’t buy MOON. If not that what is the point?

  4. If i do LP on arb nova does it help in any way? I think no one wants to bridge from one to nova

  5. So can I send my MOONS to arbitrum One then swap it to Arb and then send to my arbitrum one binance address???

  6. Can someone tell us the motivation to move from Arb. Nova to Arb. One?

    Why on Earth should we bother to take risks by using a bridge, pay fees to move our moons to the other chain?

    What is wrong with arb. nova?

  7. Have distributions started again ?

    The tips never seemed to work since I’m still on 20 MOON and just want to check I can just receive any future drops to my Reddit vault which is currently showing 20

    Very confused

    As to the bridge, what does it do other than just offer that bridging facility ?

    What am I missing ….

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Assuming we have our moons in metamask on Arbitrum Nova – whats the strategy, best way of handling them if the goal is to swap moons for something more liquid – BTC, ETH in the near future?

    Leave it as it is and use the nova infrastructure? Or is there a point to be made to bridge them over to Arb One and go from there?

  9. I would only get involved in moons again if the mods of the reddit don’t have access to the main wallet or even have wallets et al.

    Seeing some of the admins carry out a selloff prior to the news means none of you can be trusted.

  10. I’m trying to bridge eth from Arbitrum One to Nove and I keep getting errors on metamask. I don’t know why. Is there a Arbitrum nova eth faucet?

  11. Noob question. Confused about bridging. I understand what to do. But one of the coins being my original nova account what does that mean? They move over to one account? Do they show up in the same place?

  12. Why has MOON moved to arbitrum one from nova?

    Also: how was it able to move, I thought Reddit never surrendered the contract to the mods.

    Can someone provide some context please?

  13. Guys does someone know hot to get $moon? I’ve read somewhere (if I’m correct) that the token is given to each user’s vault basing on karma and comments on Reddit and stuff like that. I’ve created my vault some years ago and never touched it. I’ve made the import to MetaMask yesterday (if I try to access vault via Reddit app I end up in an empty page, only let me see address, recovery phrase etc ) and if I’ve made all correctly I have 0 $moon. Am I missing something? Also checked my address on the block explorer but it says it is empty. I’d appreciate very much if someone could help me understand.

  14. Anybody get the “personal address detected” error in metamask? How do you overcome it to add the token?

  15. Why is my arbitrum nova balance showing in my wallet when I’m on arbitrum one network?

    Likewise when I try to import MOON arbitrum one token into metamask, the contract address gets a “personal address detected” error…but the arbitrum nova MOON contract address adds just fine. This is weird, no?

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