Trezor update is faulty?

Today I updated the version of Trezor Suite after months it asked me to. I checked on Github and it was the correct version. I did it because since yesterday Im not able to send Solana away. Today after the update I tried to send Solana but is sooo weeird. When I click on send from Trezor Suite it comes a weird messages on the Trezor like in the pictures. 4 steps even if the steps should have been 3. And the address confirmation happen first even if in the display it happen as third step. What the heck this update did ! I cant move my Solana… Do I have to update the firmware as asked? (Blue notification on the app)

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  2. You probably need to update that firmware. Make sure you have a copy of your seed before doing it.
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  3. Solana the problem. You need to sign the transaction within 2 minutes.

    It expects to have a recent blockhash in the transaction.

    If you take your time, the blockhash will be too old for Solana.

    But as already mentioned, make sure everything is up to date.

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