Trezor Safe 3 Wallet wiped after adding token

Help I bought a trezor safe 3 recently and had no issues but somehow my devices wallet was removed when adding token TRON to the erc20 list. After I put the contract address thing in the field where it asks on the trezor suite to add a token, i received the following error message below. I hit clear storage and reload and now my wallet is gone only to be replaced by an empty one with the same pin and passphrase to access it. Also all my tokens are back to the start (Just BTC by default)

Furthermore I went to do a backup check that they offer now and I started putting in one of my shamirs and after a certain number of words, (it autofills when you select enough characters of the word) the word I had written down was not available! I'm quite sure I did write the words down properly so this is really annoying – I will try with another shamir but I dont have access to it just yet

If I cant recover this wallet then this is a double damage design flaw on trezors part and represents a severe risk of fund loss

Hoping someone might be able to help thanks!

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