Trezor Safe 3 usb port seal

Hi Everyone, it might be stupid but I want to be sure, the seal that was on my trezor safe 3 is as shown in the first picture (with some writings in the background), while the seal shown in the official website has just a black background, as shown in the second picture.

In the Suite App they say that it might change but wanted to see if someone else has it like mine.

reddit imagereddit image

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  2. That’s the point of the seal. You see the writing once peeled off so you can’t reattach it

    Called tamper evident stickers

  3. The seal is all right 👍 Another important thing is that during the setup you will have to install firmware as all devices are shipped without it.

  4. Watch the bad update that got past Apple. Them people were good. I’m missing a lot of Bitcoin and XRP!

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