Trezor safe 3 from amazon

Here is the Trezor Safe 3 purchased from Amazon . Trezor company s.r.o was the seller. Damaged packed and upon opening the device is 100% previously used and tampered with. Scratches on the screen as soon as peeling black sticker off, chip in the edge of plastic as if someone had previously pryed it open and tamper sticker appears tp have been removed and reapplied. See photos!

Will be returning this item!

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  2. Just buy it straight from the Trezor website. It might cost a bit more but it is a small price for the piece of mind. I would say the same for any hardware wallet.

  3. Man please buy these things from the manufac website for the love of btc and your hard earned cash please make that a habit. That saving money when buying these wallets will get you wrecked.

  4. Not sure why you wouldn’t get an item this important straight from the seller and use a third party instead.

  5. The same issue may happen with Trezor endorses amazon as they sell their manufactured products on there too. You were just unlucky this time round. Mine is from amazon and works perfectly fine.

  6. I saw some of the comments. While I wanted to get my trezor directly from the official website, I’m unable to because they don’t ship to the Philippines so I had to buy mine from their official Amazon store.

  7. It’s fine!! Just plug it in to Trezor suite for the genuine check that can’t be replicated by hackers. It literally is tamper proof when checking with the manufacturer.

    Mine had that same “pry” mark. It’s ok.

  8. People keep saying buying for Trezor directly but 1) there are many countries they don’t ship to and 2) Amazon is an official reseller for Trezor in many countries they don’t ship to. Maybe that’s due to licensing or maybe regulatory issues in that location, but either way, it’s an official reseller and should be subject to the same quality as from their website.

  9. 1st rule of security is don’t bargain shop

    Buy direct from the company.
    You really gonna let a 7$ shipping charge decide the safety of your crypto assets?

    Sorry dawg, these “I bought off Amazon, is it safe?” Posts here and in r/ledger are soooo overplayed, esp when it says in the faq for the subs to only buy direct

  10. Please always buy your hardware wallets directly from the retailer. Saving a small amount on something that contains your (perhaps entire) assets is nonsense

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