Trezor safe 3 arrived like this

The package was kind of forced inside the mail box, reason that could have led to this. The inside “bubble” protection is well sealed to the paper. And the paper that wrap the package is kinda thin. But still idk what should I do, help?

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  2. It seems pretty safe to use… 😂, replace it just in case, that’s not the way it suppose to be/look. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Make sure you’re actually talking to trezor support. This is not what my trezor looked like when I received it and your funds might not be safe when you put your seed in it. Hackers can redirect you to a new sore that looks exactly like trezors and you might have ordered it from a bad site. Be safe op

  4. Are you sure you bought directly from trezor?

    They can be sneaky and make and imitation website for example instead of double check the link you bought it from, definitely don’t trust anything you didn’t buy from the real deal, if you have any doubts return it, it’s your hard earned money on the line

    I’d rather you go buy a ledger or something else rather than trust this

  5. Your trezor comes in a sealed package, as long as it is still sealed you are good.

  6. You need to understand that Trezor’s security is protected by the firmware on the device, which is installed by you on first use, not flimsy paper packaging:

  7. If you are this concerned and keep asking then you will always have doubts. Return it and get a new one for peace of mind.

  8. The mailer that I got it was plastic bubbled, not paper. One unit.

    That looks like bubble + paper outside? Two units?

  9. Sorry, I’m returning it no matter what Trevor support said. When I purchased one, it looked nothing like this. If this is now that standard, I’d buy a Passport, Coldcard, Jade, etc.

    EDIT: Thanks for downvoting me Trezor support. If you think this is acceptable presentation for a device where you could potentially put millions of dollars in funds on speaks volumes.

  10. But the Trezor packaging is undisturbed under the bubble envelope?

    Buying from Amazon, this is normal. Buying from, probably not so much.

  11. If only the envelope is damaged then it’s fine. The green box should provide enough protection, and the Trezor should be sturdy enough to survive falls or similar especially in the bubble wrapped box.

    Just look out for damages of the box or the Trezor itself.

    If you worry about someone intercepting the package, then don’t worry. At the very least they would have delivered it in a better shape to avoid suspicion. 🙂 The envelope is not tamperevident anyway.

  12. It’s fine. And don’t forget, send a small amount to it first. When it arrives then send the rest. God speed.

  13. I just got mine as well but I noticed the packaging label address originated here in the us not from their base hq so maybe they just send it to a third party to distribute it and the packaging can vary.

  14. Should’ve bought a Trezor Model T. There’s no way back from that. It’s the best Trezor device still imo.

  15. Edit: Thank you everyone for the messages. The support suggested me to inspect and open the package. The bubble protection was completely sealed with zero sign of manipulation, basically is strongly attached to the paper. The trezor package inside the bubble was completely sealed and all the stickers are there. Tomorrow I will use it and check the firmware but it should be fine. The package was confirmed to come from Trezor Company from DHL.

    In the end the only defect was on the paper that wrapped the bubble protection, which is super thin as a paper. Plus the package was inserted in my mail box with force, that could have resulted into breaking part of the paper.

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