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I am working on a replacement for the trezor password manager. I used their repository as a reference and implemented the same thing – this time as a progressive web app (not a browser extension)

PWA are installable web apps that have a desktop like user experience and limited offline support.

I aim to have a similar UX to the trezor password manager. As a stretch goal it would be cool to add offline support so passwords can be stored locally in the browser ( temporarily ) then synced to the cloud when you have internet connectivity. It would be also cool if users can go to GitHub download and build the web-app and install it themselves. That way you don't need to trust the server that would initially server the app.

The code is going to be entirely open source.

So far I am able to add new password entries and list them. I need to implement quite a bit more and polish it. I also want to reduce the number of dependencies I use in the project to make it secure as possible.

I wouldn't consider my self a front-end dev so I have been learning lots as I worked on this project. Right now, the code is private since I want to work on it by myself, as a learning exercise.

Once its done, if Satoshi labs want to re-brand it as Trezor Password Manager, I don't mind – just give me some credit ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 thoughts on “trezor password manager replacement update”

  1. A Trezor Password Manager .. That’s news to me. Sounds like a risky idea.

    Some folks who aren’t tech-savvy could end up storing their entire wallet seed in this password manager. That pretty much beats the whole point of having a hardware wallet for safekeeping.

    Also, if you need the actual device to use the software, isn’t that a security risk in itself? The more you use a hardware wallet, the more you expose it. Ideally, it should be stored in a safe place and only used when necessary – like if you need a new BTC address or have to send funds ASAP.

    One good thing, though. It’s nice to see the Trezor Password Manager is open source ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. God bless you. Satoshilabs should pay you for doing this – for people who use the password manager, this functionality is as important as holding crypto keys

  3. Nice, I toyed with the same idea. If I were to attempt this, I will try and do a local first approach with SQLite via WASM e.g.

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