Trezor Mobile app launch?

Received an email saying the mobile app is now available. Wondering if this is legit because I haven’t seen any mention on the forum

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  1. I just got this too and have never gotten anything that wasn’t legit from Im not sure I’m going to open it until one of the company accounts on Reddit here speaks up though.

  2. It is legit, already using the apo and works fine. You only load public addreses so it is secure too.

  3. first they need to implement layer 2 in trezor windows app , so we dont rely on metamask for same

  4. Legit, but curious why they spent time and money developing this? At least from the perspective that I can already do this with Exodus but I get maybe not everyone might have or want to use the Exodus mobile app.

    Also, would have been cool if they used an animated gif so the “Bitcoin” changed to other cryptocurrencies.

  5. Hello Mr Sir I’m contacting you from the Trevor wallet support team, please write down your private keys so I will be able to assist you

  6. Confirmed… It shows up on the Trezor Suite download page:

    Just click the drop down next to the “Get for …” button.

  7. Would like to see “Create PBST” feature in Suite-Lite with the companion “Complete PBST” in Suite-Full, or even better, “Complete PBST on SD” feature in Trezor-T firmware!

  8. They probably did this so that people who buy a Trezor and go to the App Store and search for Trezor have something legit to download instead of the phishing apps that apparently pop up occasionally.

  9. From an OPSEC perspective I’m not sure this is a great idea. Can track your stack with a basic portfolio app at a 1:100 ratio it whatever and still know how much you actually have without the exact amount being available on your screen

  10. The moment the EU law passed mandating Apple to start using USBC on iPhone, I reckon Trezor started developing the iPhone app. I cannot wait for full functionality, being able to send/receive with Trezor connected to a mobile device has been a long time wish.

    No more lightning cables means no more made for iPhone (MFi) licensing. I do wonder if it will be possible to use a lightning to USBC adapter on older models or, if the app will be made for iPad’s also as they’re all already USBC.

  11. I install it to check it out. When I saw they ask for the XPUB, unistalled. The end!

  12. Why use this and give out you’re XPUB? You can just manually add you’re portfolio in other apps with the same effect without giving out any personal info, what’s the point?

  13. I do think having an official app like this is cool. It lets me monitor my actual addresses so i dont get paranoid someone drained me. Practically this is just s privacy risk not a security one right?

    I read that they can use you xpub and some child private key to derive all private keys?

    I like being able yo monitor my addresses withojt plugging my my wallet but it would be cool to get some reassurance on sharing the xpub

    Line all possible risks small and big and minuscule of an xpub leak

  14. It is official. But its more like a portfolio manager app that comes with a security and privacy risk. Not feeling that excited about it unfortunately.

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