Trezor misleading assets list.

I bought trezor one and i am disappointed. When you look at product page: you can click 'supported assets'. On this list there are assets that are not supported by ONE like: BNB, ADA, XRP. This is misleading, i didn't notice that small print markings and i bought it.

2 thoughts on “Trezor misleading assets list.”

  1. Yeah it’s definitely not clear IMO. I looked at it after the Ledger fiasco and ultimately decided it didn’t support what I needed. You have to click the coin but even then there were some kind of confusing classifications of the degree to which some coins were supported. I couldn’t make confident sense of it so stayed away.

  2. Seems pretty clear to me on the site…

    If it has “One” next to it then it is supported by model One… If it has “T” next to it, then it is supported by model T… If it has both One and T, then it is supported by both Trezor models…

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