Today I needed to sell my BTC to save a life…

I am sorry to tell you that I might caused BTC to dip a bit and scare some of you, BUT I decided to sell my BTC and take profits to save little Wolke's ( english: Cloud) life and adopt him from Greece !

Wolke is a 2 year old Doggo who lives in a shelter in greece and today I paid for his adoption with my BTC money. If everything goes as planned, Wolke will be our new family member on 16th of march.

Thank you all for making it possible that BTC was able to give a doggo a new home and life !

Heres a picture of Wolke

I love you

edit: as some of you asked and if its okay for the mods of this sub, I will post an update if everything goes as planned for Wolke on the 16th of march.

50 thoughts on “Today I needed to sell my BTC to save a life…”

  1. No shame in that!

    Bitcoin is money, therefore there’s nothing wrong with spending money.

    Just continue stacking and everything is fine.

  2. Contrary to what others may say, it’s perfectly OK to do what you want with your own money.

  3. If there was ever a reason to sell BTC, it this. While you may miss out on financial gain from holding your BTC, those gains will never give you the joy and happiness this dog will.

    Don’t worry, I’m confident you’ll be provided the opportunity to regain the BTC youre selling and have a wonderful dog to spoil it with. It’ll all come back to you.

  4. As I see it you didn’t exchange btc for fiat. You exchanged btc for Wolke. Bitcoin truly well spent.

  5. Good for you! Love 🐕 and I doubt you caused any type of dip. Only whales have the power to do that.

  6. LOVE this! Please spoil the hell outta him to make up for the shitty past he’s had.

    This is BTC adoption 🙂

  7. Zero shade. And don’t worry, you didn’t cause any dump. All the best for you and Wolke!

  8. Don’t feel bad. I treated myself to a new iron set and putter. Life is about the experiences and little moments of joy. Remember that.

  9. That is money well spent. The universe will pay you back in bigger ways for your generosity

  10. I doubt your purchase would affect the market, unless this is the most expensive dog in history. Good for you!

  11. This is the coolest thing I saw on this sub. Simply makes me smile and happy for you and the doggo.

  12. Family always comes first. Congrats on your new addition. You did good.

    I hope to do the same next year.

  13. Unless you sold billions worth of btc, it doesn’t affect the me or the market much. Good luck with your pup though.

  14. Nice. Selling BTC to save a life is significantly better than selling BTC and thinking you could by back cheaper. Good job

  15. No biggie, it’s been this high before and always crashed, without ever going higher. A musk crash, a miner crash and exchange crashes, why not another crash. A black swan will show up shortly.

  16. Because it is for the adoption of a dog , everyone is giving you credits for it.

    But on the other hand we forget our basic rules: Always keep some reserve fiat money for daily or emergency usage.

    The bitcoin you hold will be sold off anyway. Today it happens to be for a dog, but it also can be to replace a broken dishwasher a week after.


  17. I’ve been there homie! My dog needed 2 tpl surgeries. I sold all my BTC at 47,000 last time it was on the dip. I started stacking 110 bucks a month after that. I have a little over .1 bitcoin and an old retirement fund I switched into FBTC. Keep stacking my friend. We’re still early

  18. Ah man, good feels! Well done. Dogs bring true joy to life, nothing but unconditional love and shits on your new rug!

  19. We wish u the best for u and wolkie 😘😘😘 but dont sell everything keep just a little if it goes to the moon u might be able to save more animals in the future 😉

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