TIL Dorian Nakamoto was donated 67 BTC by bitcoin community and he cashed it all in June 2017 for $273,000

Dorian Nakamoto who was wrongly identified as being the inventor of bitcoin in 2014 and was donated 67 BTC by bitcoin community cashed out all his 67 BTC in June 2017 for $273,000.

Recently I have been trying to read a lot about Bitcoin's history. I evenread The Birth of Bitcoin which is a fun read for conspiracy buffs.


20 thoughts on “TIL Dorian Nakamoto was donated 67 BTC by bitcoin community and he cashed it all in June 2017 for $273,000”

  1. I understand him cashing it out due to his age and his ignorance of it, but he should’ve kept a few just in case

  2. What’s a better way to show people that he doesn’t want to be involved? He did the right thing.

  3. I never understood people selling everything. Imagine if he sold “only” 75% of them for $200k and kept 16 BTC. Then a few years later sold half of those for $400k more leaving him with 8 and then this year sold 4 of those for $70k ea = $280k more leaving him with 4. Sell one at $150k, $250k, and $500k and he still has one left so he is still a wholecoiner.

  4. it was likely hal finney… he lived down the street from dorian and explains how the name got picked, how he was the first txn, AND why he was in such great haste.

  5. The title says Dorian was “wrongly identified as bitcoin inventor”. Do we have concrete evidence that he is NOT the real Satoshi?

  6. I remember donating to him – Andreas handled the collection and distribution.

  7. These posts read so much like “TIL some guy had $5 in 1990 and instead of buying Apple stock with it he bought a Reuben and chips.” Everyone is Warren Buffett in hindsight.

  8. I get it. I bought .5 for $400 and sold at this time for something like $9k
    Then I made sure to get back in a few years later when no one was talking about crypto

  9. If the community did that for me I’m just saying I’m going to hodl it for you no matter what no point getting rid of bitcoin for atleast the next 20 or so years

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