TIL Crypto.com accidentally sent $7m to a user instead of $68 and she spent the money to buy a mansion worth $1m

In May of 2021, Crypto.com accidentally sent a user $7m instead of $68, and it took them 7 months, after an audit to realize their mistake, in December of 2021.

They then launched a lawsuit against the woman in the Victorian supreme court, when it turned out that she had bought a four-bedroom mansion worth million dollars as a gift to her sister and shared some of the money with others, including her daughters.

She also transferred some of the money back to her bank account in Malaysia, wroth around $3m.

They later were able to have her bank accounts frozen.

She allegedly thought she won the money after being sent a notification from the Crypto.com app about a competition, but Crypto.com confirmed that they never send notifications about the winnings of any competition.

She was ordered by court sell the property and to pay Crypto.com $1.35 million AUD, and also pay the interest of $27,369.64.

Further read (The numbers mentioned in the article are AUD, not USD) :


50 thoughts on “TIL Crypto.com accidentally sent $7m to a user instead of $68 and she spent the money to buy a mansion worth $1m”

  1. You would though wouldnt you…

    If I sent money to a strangers account in error and they spent it, I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

  2. Why is it always retail investors who suffer despite huge companies making the mistake?

    However, when it’s retail investors who make the mistake, they are just told to suck it up.

    In any case, I would have probably only used the $68 if that’s really all the money that is mine.

  3. What’s funny about this shit is how long it took for CDC to realize that they fucked up, 7 fucking months. Lmao

  4. Bank error in your favor collect $7 million! (Just kidding pay us now or we’ll lock you up and throw away the key).

  5. You send crypto.com money by mistake: It’s ours now

    They send you money by mistake. SEE YOU IN COURT.

  6. I remember seeing the news report on this and thinking to myself “please don’t use that money”. A mansion later and i was completly wrong.

  7. What kind of idiot wouldn’t cash that out and move to a 3rd world country with no extradition?

  8. I mean they fucked up but so did she. How does a mansion only have four rooms?

  9. CDC is a shitty company.

    When you send them coins over the wrong network, its your loss.

    If they send you the wrong amount of coins, notice that 7 months later and again its your loss.

  10. This is the only reason why I’d use Crypto.com. I’d just wait for the millions to start pouring in my account, and then “fall over” the side of my yacht, never to be seen again.

  11. They’ve made a similar mistake more than once before. Their copy and paste department is probably understaffed or overworked.

  12. I’m rooting for her to win and keep the money – she bought a house for her sister and then shared money with family. She seems chill

  13. Crypto.com(CRO) pros & cons with related info are in the collapsed comments below.

  14. Isn’t the real play to just hold it in an interest-bearing account? “I won it,” doesn’t seem like she believed it herself.

  15. She mad out like a bandit, except she did nothing wrong and Crypto.com should have just taken the L

  16. It says she received 10 million but only had to lay back 1.3 million plus the million dollar house. I’m not a mathematician but that sounds like a couple million in profit

  17. Lesson # 1. Withdraw and bury or physically hide it so they can’t just freeze it. Either that or just go on the run with it.

  18. Aah I still remember this happening, she should have put it all back then through tornado cash and in monero 😂

  19. Not the first or last time Crypto.com did something like this. Check this article, that I’m sure many of you remember. They mistakenly sent 320,000 ETH to Gate.io, who returned it shortly after.

    Somebody working there must have some really fat fingers.

  20. As someone who works on a crypto exchange, what I don’t understand is how she got this money off of the platform, or was that money deposited into her bank account?

    If it was credited to her account, she’d have a hell of a time getting the bank to accept the transfer without questions. Even if it was sent directly to her bank, the banks we work with generally don’t just smile and nod when a new transaction does not match the previous behaviour of the account.

  21. had the scenario been different and she deposited $7,000 extra that she didn’t intend to she would’ve had the hardest time getting that money back

  22. Could they have done anything if she’d bought Bitcoin and stored it in a cold wallet?!

  23. I wonder what would have happened if she put the money in the earn program. Would they have given her that crypto?

  24. so if i send crypto to a wrong address im fucked

    but if institutions do it they can litigate to get it back

    sounds legit

    I love what this has turned into

  25. Accidental Crypto Jackpot! Can you imagine receiving $7M instead of $68? While it’s a wild tale, it’s essential to handle such situations responsibly.

  26. Damn it took then 7 months to realize they are off $7M. I realize immediately even if i lose $5 from my wallet lol

  27. If any of us sent money from crypto.com to a random wallet, they would tell us we are shit out of luck

  28. I live in the city this happened.

    The “mansion” she bought is just a large house in the outer-suburbs.

    The average house price here is $1 million+

  29. Gotta move that shit to a cold wallet and mix it, then have a boating accident.

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