This Where Bitcoin is Heading (You Won’t Believe It)


This Where Bitcoin is Heading (You Won’t Believe It)

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9 thoughts on “This Where Bitcoin is Heading (You Won’t Believe It)”

  1. It is not good always say the same BS all the time and always be wrong it is funny always bullish🤣

  2. I've noticed this bottom predictor over the last few cycles and its a good rough guide. The last high forms the rough area for the next next bottom.The next high will be the rough area of the next low after the next high. Its not exacting as down to the exact thousand, but it does play out fairly close. Check it out with the last few highs and lows – and now George is saying the next low after the next predicted high of 200K could be around $70 k…..which would be the rough area of our last high of $68k….this current low was as low as $15.4k which is roughly the area of the last high before the all time high

  3. Back in 2015, while the BTC price was $200-$300, someone posted on Reddit that he had a dream. He said he saw the BTC price reach $16,000. Man that was an impossible dream. 😂

  4. The last time, 2011(?) the U.S. approached a deadline for potentially defaulting on their loans, the market dropped about 17% after the U.S. raised its debt ceiling.

    Have your portfolio, ready for Bull Runs but also cash for significant drops.

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