This is insane, truly

Check the image. The ETFs have scooped up what will soon take almost a year and a half to produce inside a month. And did so buying from the U.S. government and not exchanges and price held on news selling. This will rocket soon.

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  1. They won’t be any Bitcoins left to buy. That’s when the real FOMO will kick in.
    Congratulations to everyone who has been accumulating and hodling so far.

  2. They must have cut a deal with grayscale to rebalance Bitcoin holdings into the ETFs at a managed price point

  3. The fuck does 5th epoch mean

    Edit. So I think it means halving, were in the 4th “epoch” right now. What a dillhole for using this word

  4. 1% allocations incoming

    Supply shock incoming

    FOMO shock incoming

    FASB shock incoming

    God candle inevitable

  5. They are shuffling out of gbtc. Easy to show that once. It’s going from gbtc to coinbase prime and out of coinbase prime into ETFs.

    Link to your source for “from government” claim.

  6. Is there not also the point that once bought by a etf to be on their sheet, the amount of BTC likely not be moved out of it ? The whole point of a etf is that it is tradeable over the exchanges and people sell or buy that etf there and most likely not buy it directly from the issuer like fidelity or blackrock. So if the price drops the most people sell this over the exchange and only the etf stock changes his holder but the underlying asset been kept inside the etf issuer book ?

  7. So now we know that the whole SEC approval was planned well in advance.

    You don’t just get an ETF approval and buy BTC from the US governments Silk Road stash.

  8. Noob question. Given the etfs will we see more of a correlation between the stock market and bitcoin price fluctuations?

  9. Do u guys think there’s a major pullback coming into the 30s again? Like asking fr I’m just trying to know What trend were in, the fundamentals all sound right for bull, but then there’s all the economy talk on the other side

  10. LOL the twitter post validity is expected to expire soon when gbtc stop selling. Gotta look at net inflows

  11. why do you think the SEC did not allow in kind and cash only ETF, the etf will hold most of the bitcoin,

  12. Can someone explain this? I don’t really see why a massive buying event, especially one that didn’t even have a positive impact on price, would then later have a positive impact on price way after the fact? I’m assuming it’s a supply and demand thing; there’s a less liquid supply so demand will be higher and thus a higher price, but it feels like there’s something more to it that I’m missing.

  13. Why do posts like these always assume/imply that new bitcoins are the only ones that can be bought? Millions of old bitcoins can be bought too!

  14. Nobody wants to see it as 193,251 sold as an exit strategy purchased by dumb money via etf. Grayscale got their money!!!

  15. ETFs can be shorted to oblivion without located. Look at XRT with ~300% short interest. This basically creates bitcoins out of thin air to sell.

  16. Imagine when BTC price drops and all those ETF holders sell their ETF shares….

  17. Just going from GBTC to the others ETF- and the amount Grayscale still hold is huge.

  18. To put this further into perspective:

    After this upcoming halving, fewer Bitcoin will be mined in the proceeding 12 months than MicroStrategy’s entire holding.

    Obviously, existing Bitcoin mined and in circulation can still be traded. But it does seem this will be the phase of a potential ‘supply shock’ that’s been thrown around online.

    MSTR (repeatedly) and these ETFs have – so far – proven it’s still quite easy to accumulate shit loads of Bitcoin without massively moving the price.

  19. Just buy both. Blackrock was and never will be a bag holder. They are powerful enough to make country leaders creating new regulations.

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