This guy will likely regret this

Guy asks what he should do with $500k for 18months. Is recommended Bitcoin by some.

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  1. Everbody gets the price they deserve. It’s gonna look quite funny when 6 years from now he gets 1 BTC for his $500k. But hey. Who cares?

  2. I am all for owning Bitcoin but people are stupid if they recommended someone to all-in their down-payment into Bitcoin and only hold it for 12-18 months.

  3. If the going rate is lower they’ll laugh, if it’s the same they’ll be neutral and have an easy time ignoring it, if the rate is a lot better they’ll say ‘see, too volatile’.

  4. While I agree he shouldn’t park 100% of his 500k into Bitcoin if he expects a return in 12-18 months, but he’s essentially saving money at a net loss. Surely inflation will eat way his 2.37% return (not counting the .4% expense ratio.)

  5. Well, not really. The guy is looking for some low yield parking spot because he wants to make 100% sure his down payment remains 12-18 months from now. I’m all in on bitcoin, but suggesting bitcoin to someone who needs his money 12-18 months from now is nonsense.

  6. Yea bitcoin is prob not the best choice for their situation. That dude is 100% a tool though.

  7. Can confirm I recomended BTC and t bonds… I am now blocked lol. I only recomended 5-10% in BTC, seemed pretty damn reasonable to me. But I’m also a degen with with about 50% of my networth in BTC….

  8. All my net worth is in bitcoin. Tried and tested dip buying in 2018, 2019 and 2022. Best time to buy bitcoin is 13 months after the peak.. Your almost a year late for that but, most the gains don’t come in the fist year, it’s slow but, speeds up around now. Another good plan is to buy 6 months before the halvening for quick gains, which was 2 months ago but it’s still very early. Best time to sell is 18 months after the halvening, 22 months from now but if you sell in 18 months you’ll be out with plenty of time to spare, with $2million or so. I think altcoins are high risk, i’ve lost money holding most of them. I feel safe with my bitcoin whether they go up or down. If I sell late summer 2025 my biggest fear is it bottoms earlier than October and I don’t reinvest half of it. Much scaryer watching bitcoin go up when you have none than dealing with the fluctuations. I could end up with less than one coin

  9. I hope no one is putting their home downpayment into bitcoin. Part of it maybe but all of it. Doubt.

    FWIW, you shouldn’t do this with any asset class.

  10. With the high yield savings accounts pulling in around 5%, keep that powder dry

  11. You can’t give that advice to a newbie who would just keep his 16.3 bitcoins sitting on an exchange for 18 months.

  12. You should definitely have your whole life savings in crypto in the bull market. You can sell in the bear market of 2026

  13. Imagine someone doing this 2 years ago, they would have lost 40% of their down payment or wait even longer to rebound. If they didn’t have definitive plans for the money, sure, take the risk, they can wait out the dip, but after putting their plans on hold for 12-18 months, I’m sure they’d love to do it again..

  14. Please what is safe now of days bitcoin all the way well at least 50%. bitcoin will not fail it can’t and it won’t

  15. Dude thinks California is amazing I wouldn’t expect any less from somebody who thinks that (unless he just means the scenery)

  16. Well, even a goldfish swimming in diarrea water is happy to be alive. Hell, he might even be happy if it’s all he’s known.

  17. Current inflation for fiat: roughly 5%

    Current inflation for Bitcoin: roughly -116%


  18. They earn over 578K every year. Should be fine regardless. Plop it into 4.4apr money market and make 22 grand/year not worrying about it going down a penny.

  19. Ask the guy who spent 30k BTC back in the day to buy3 pizzas from poppa John’s but he was good with it but in hind sight most expensive 3 pizzas ever

  20. He said 12-18 months. Investing in bitcoin with this timeframe in mind would be retarded, even with the halving happening in the next 6 months…

  21. Bitcoin may not be right for him because of his short timeframe, but he didn’t need to be an Ahole towards people suggesting Bitcoin.

  22. Now that the price of Bitcoin is starting to go back up, I’d be reeeaaally careful. Probably gonna be another roller coaster. If he really wants to park his $500k in an investment and still be sure of having $500k in 12+ months, he should park it in some super-solid dividend stocks and reinvest the dividends or buy shares in a reliable ETF.

  23. Whether the advice was right or wrong, in the end this guy is, was and will always be an elitist douchebag.

    Don’t go asking for advice and then slam said advice. I’m sure there were many types, none of which are guaranteed (besides bonds)

    Just another guy looking for free advice and expecting the world.

  24. You may think bitcoin is going to go up long term but putting your down payment into it is stupid.

  25. Fuck that guy. Hell be rekt either when commiefornia collapses or when the financial markets collapse whichever comes first.

  26. Let’s be real, Cryptocurrency is far from a safe investment lol. Especially Alts. You need a strong stomach for this section of the financial markets haha

  27. dude 12-18 mos is a high time preference shit timeline for bitcoin parking

    i am all in and on zero but i wouldn’t recommend this to him unless he said 4 years — like not even 3 works sure shot imo


  28. If you know where we are in the cycle, you know 12-18 months is probably where you want to be taking profits anyways. This would be perfectly viable IMO. End of 2024 to mid 2025 should be juicy 😎

  29. This is just bragging, for 18 months, he could put into a CD, money market funds, or HYSA which are the safest choices.

    He could’ve also put that money into high dividends ETFs and collect monthly, or quarterly payments.

    Anyway, mockery isn’t very good when you ask what to do with your money on these forms. Prime example of an idiot.

  30. Lmao, the amount of upvotes on this post show the true mental capacity of this subreddit

  31. He asked about safe investments. Putting money you need for a down payment in the next 12-18 months into bitcoin or altcoins would be absolutely moronic

  32. Yeah you guys are assholes. Bitcoin is a not a safe investment, period. It’s extremely volatile.

  33. Why is someone asking what to do wit my 500k on Reddit. Spend a little for a financial advisor lol

  34. u/pippedthroaway I’d like to bet on it that btc will be an investment with at least 2 times more profit (in %) than the investment you’re about to make.

    Let’s get back on this post in 12 months?

  35. Do you have 500k to park for 18 months? Poor people judging rich people on financial decisions is pure gold. No need to call someone out to make your point. It just shows what kind of douche you are and he’s right in blocking people like you 🤡

  36. Guys, he is in 37% tax bracket ($600k yearly income)

    He doesn’t need Bitcoin, you do.

  37. It’s wise to block these people, as it’s radically stupid to give him such advise.

  38. Funny 2 facts i learned at the age of reason

    1. God helps those who help themselves
    2. There is no God

  39. Tbf 18 months is too short a time to risk on btc. If he is committed to buy a house then btc is not for him. If it were 4+ years he was going to wait then btc would be ideal.

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