The Solana Phone is managed by an expert company. They give you 14 days after purchase to return the item and deliver it to you on day 15, making it hypothetically impossible to return.

For those that don't know Solana Phone was sold with two day FedEX shipping. However due to an abundance in sales over one day as a result of the airdrops on the phone being worth more than the phone itself. The company behind Solana Phone took ages to ship out orders placed two weeks before.

Now here's the hypothetical problem. Solana Mobile gives buyers 14 days after purchase to return the phone:

However the item is not being delivered until 15 days after purchase.

Order Dec. 14th

Delivery Dec. 29th

Which means the phones are technically unable to be returned due to them not meeting the return policy.

Now if Solana Mobile would allow for an exception and approve of the return despite not meeting return requirements – is another question.

But needless to say, this exceptional forward thinking business practice is exactly what we've come to expect from Solana.

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50 thoughts on “The Solana Phone is managed by an expert company. They give you 14 days after purchase to return the item and deliver it to you on day 15, making it hypothetically impossible to return.”

  1. At least in my country, return interval starts when it gets delivered. I just hope you’ll get it earlier, because I think we all know what will happen when all the buyers receive their tokens

  2. And some guys joked last year Solana phone has no switch off button, for it switches off itself 😉

  3. Another day, another post shitting on Solana lol. Watch me get downvotes for pointing out that they’re far from the only company on the planet who’s shipping policy goes to shit among the holidays, literally the busiest shipping period of any year by a mile 🙄. This is not uncommon.

    Although I do agree that releasing a phone wasn’t needed, it’s funny that we’re in here now ripping on shipping policies. Y’all need more material.

  4. The actual joke are people buying that trash.

    But the chance to arbitrage it with a couple of 100 bucks roi seems worth it apparently for most

  5. Marques Brownlee reviewed the phone a few months ago.

    tl;dr = its meh. basically a revival of the failed OSOM OV1 phone renamed for Solana with 3 crypto features.

  6. Buying a phone with tokens on worth more than the phone sounds dodgy to me.
    Send me 1btc and il send you 1.5 back, special giveaway. 😂

  7. The typical terms in jurisdictions where consumer law is regulated, the return clock starts ticking the day item is delivered, not when purchased or shipped. This cannot be overridden by T&C of sale, unless T&C offers better terms.
    I would suggest deleting this post before you get roasted.

  8. The phone paid for itself and then some with airdrops. The saltiness this sub has for Solana is incredible lol

  9. So it’s a Pixel with a shittier screen and camera. A processor 2 version behind the latest snapdragon and a third party store.

    All for the same price as a Galaxy S23+ and more expensive than a Pixel 8 Pro.

    This thing is going to sell like sand at the beach.

  10. It’s almost as if Solana and alts aren’t to be trusted. Crazy eh. After years of sketchiness. Who’d have thunk it.

  11. oh nice, another buy signal guys

    thought we were past the solana off jokes lol

    classic r/cc, how’s algo doing?

  12. In the UK, legally speaking it would have to be 14 days from the point where the item arrives – it would be ridiculous if it started when the item was purchased where clearly this is subject to all sorts of abuse i.e. it incentives late delivery, shitty service etc

  13. Am I understanding this correct?

    You just want to get this phone, get the airdrop, then return it?

    Like yeah buddy get fucked lmao you are complaining you can’t fuck over this company?

  14. I cannot believe the amount of people that decided to hold onto their phones instead of selling them for $5k a few weeks ago

  15. Daily reminder to not make any of your investment decisions solely based on what you see on this subreddit.

  16. It’s amazing that all these people can spend time in a crypto Reddit and know literally nothing abojt what’s happening in the space. Y’all the reason i do so well lol

  17. Some people have nothing better to do than shit on a phone that was designed to get Apple and Google to support dapps on their App Store. Sad.

  18. Which company is handling the Solana Phone? Also are they a hardware company or a crypto company?

  19. Interesting, at least in Finland, and I suspect the whole EU, the clock starts ticking only the item is delivered.

    Is the consumer law really that fucked up in the US?

  20. I don’t know which country you are talking about but in my country the days are counted from the day you received the item.

  21. Use a credit card and charge it back if you’re unhappy. Let them deal with it.

  22. Why on Earth are you returning it? The airdrops are more than they would give you.

  23. Wait till you have to setup Helium.

    Congrats, you qualify for $5 plan. Sign up using the app.

    OK. App downloaded. Signup shows $20 plan. I signed up and hit up customer service saying I am in one of the target counties for $5 plan. Customer service says “I don’t have your zip in my list so I can’t give $5 plan”.. But but zip is in the target county, I pay taxes to the county. Doesn’t matter, your zip is not in my list and hence not in the county we care about.

    The representative actually told me if I am in one zip code away they can give the $5 plan.

    Inept mofos.

  24. It’s hilarious how when people miss gains because of their biases, they double down on them instead of challenging, adapting, and changing them.

    Have fun missing out on opportunity just because you can’t stand being wrong lmao

  25. So the product is so bad they intentionally overlap the return period, that’s priceless.

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