The Most Bullish Case For Bitcoin Ever Presented | Edan Yago

Most exciting take on Bitcoin that I've seen in a while: today's conversation between Scott Melker and Edan Yago (link below).

Yago's a true Bitcoin OG. Talks about being self-reliant and governance, and about new technology for Bitcoin that he thinks will drive hyperbitcoinization. Check it out:

5 thoughts on “The Most Bullish Case For Bitcoin Ever Presented | Edan Yago”

  1. You know that Scott is an shipcoiner, right?
    There’s no need to bring any attention to people like that even if they bring OGs or anyone else that’s in Bitcoin.

  2. What is the tldr on the video? I’m sure they covered multiple topics but with a title like that he must have narrowed it down to one major thing.

  3. This did not make me feel bullish. A bunch of shitcoiners admitting Bitcoin is the only thing that matters, yet still finding ways to shit on people who support the network and Bitcoin.

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