The Inverse Jim Cramer indicator yet again prints free money.

2 weeks ago Jim Cramer calls for a crypto wide crash as btc teased 27k.

Today, well what happened happened.

Another victory for the nigh omniscient Jimmy Cramer inverse indicator.

Cao Cao, a great military strategist of the Three Kingdoms Era, once said: “As a crypto degen, you shall follow Jimmy Cramer. Whatever Jimmy says, do the opposite. You shall then achieve great success under the Heaven.”

Good luck and good job those that longed.

Is the bear over? Who the fuck knows. I only know that I'm massively bullish when 2 things happen:

Jim Cramer calls for a crash.

And this sub tells me to sell.

21 thoughts on “The Inverse Jim Cramer indicator yet again prints free money.”

  1. Does anyone track stats on what his career successful pick rate is? From the constant news it seems like he’s under 50%

  2. No one else comes close to making as many bad calls as Cramer. Where did CNBC find this guy?

  3. >Cao Cao, a great military strategist of the Three Kingdoms Era

    Not just military strategist, he’s the ruler of the Wei kingdom (biggest of the three) and also puppet master of the Han emperor. He’s also one of the great literary writers of that dynasty.

    These are his exact words in chinese on inverse Cramer:





  4. Cramer: “The year 2024 is going to be great and it’s gonna start off with a fantastic New Year and everything is going to be awesome!”

    Us: “Nice knowing all of you…”

  5. Anyone seen that hammer laying around?


    Cause this dude nailed it.

    🤦 😆 💴

  6. Now I want Jim Cramer to call for a crash to BTC 10K, then we would go really parabolic!

  7. And let’s not forget Zhuge Liang who once said “No matter if it’s the year of the bull or the year of the bear, always DCA. Not financial advice.”

  8. ALGO YTD: – 42%

    SOL YTD: + 200%

    I’d say the inverse r/cc effect is online as well.

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